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Removing Oxidation From Boat

If you’re like most boat lovers, your boat is your pride and joy. It’s the reason you head to the lake on the weekends—and boating is what you look forward to every weekday while toiling away at the office. Your boat is a valuable part of your life, and if anything doesn’t work or look […]

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Boat Hull Cleaning: Five Steps for a Brand New Looking Boat

There’s an old phrase in the automotive industry—“where the
rubber meets the road.” In the world of boating, there’s no more important part
of your boat to clean and properly maintain than the hull itself. It’s where
the boat meets the water. But it’s not just that: the way your hull looks will
impact the way your entire boat
looks.But […]

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Boat Hull Cleaning and Waxing Tips

When it comes to your boat, you have no problem finding
excuses to get out on the water and escape from the stress of daily life on
land: you get out as often as possible. But even adventurous possessions like boats
aren’t all fun and games: they require good, consistent care if they’re going
to keep providing you with […]

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How to Protect Your Boat Graphics

The typical boat owner today is
not satisfied with an empty hull. That’s right: graphics are becoming more and
more prevalent in the world of boating—so prevalent, in fact, that
graphics-protecting products have become a “must-own” for a majority of boat
owners.The problem? Not enough boat
owners are familiar with how to protect their own investment. This leads them
to using […]

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How to Clean and Wax Your Boat

Let’s be honest: waxing your boat isn’t the easiest task in
the world. Even if you enjoy a relaxing Saturday afternoon spent rubbing down
your boat and listening to some of your favorite tunes, a decent wax job will cost
a good chunk of time—and that’s assuming that you do it right the first time.But waxing your boat […]

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Four Boat Remedies: Removing Boat Stains and Mildew

You know the old phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure?” Whoever first came up with the idiom was probably a boat owner.In other words, regularly cleaning and maintaining your boat
is as important—if not more important—than doing a major cleaning and
maintenance all at once. If you take proper care of your boat […]

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Boat Care: Boat Scum Remover 101

Any avid boater will tell you that protecting your investment is all about cleaning your boat, including tackling one major problem. 
River Scum
Leave your boat in the water unattended and slowly but
surely river scum develops. While the main culprits are algae and pollen, any compound with a high mineral content that sits on the water’s surface […]

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Boat Winterization Checklist

Imagine that your boat is in pristine condition.
Now imagine having to junk that same boat one season later.
Is that possible?

What could ruin your pride and joy so quickly?
Failure to winterize.
When it comes to winterizing, it’s common for boat owners to skimp. But many boat owners simply aren’t aware of the compounding damage that comes […]

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Five Essential Boat Cleaning and Maintenance Tools for the True Enthusiast

Maintaining a boat is about more than checking for leaks. A
true boat enthusiast pays attention to every little detail, every line, every
curve of their boat.Of course, even the truest of true boat enthusiasts don’t
actually have the time or the money to pay attention to every little thing
going on with their boat. That’s why it’s important […]

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Boat Caulking 101 – Tips for Caulking Your Boat

Image Credit: Chris HepburnEvery boat owner worth his salt heads down to the dry dock to inspect his craft and make the necessary preparations for his annual maintenance program. If you are a boat owner be sure that part of your annual inspection involves caulking in the seams of your boat. Good caulking compounds will form […]

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