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Grab Your Boat and Head for the Lake

As many an ardent sportsman will agree, nothing tops a day
on the lake catching fish. But the enjoyment of fishing doesn’t need to be
restricted to experts. Indeed, even a novice will find the gentle sway of the
boat, cool breeze, and methodical casting of the fishing line deeply relaxing.
To add extra excitement and to enjoy the […]

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How to Manage Mold and Mildew on Your Boat

Summer is a notorious time for mold accumulation. The
increased humidity causes mold spores to propagate quickly and extensively on
your upholstery, decks, and just about every surface it can attach itself to. Remove
this damaging fungi by following these steps below:Prevention
Prevention is your first line of defense against mold and
mildew. It’s important to constantly protect against mold […]

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Boat Grilling Tips

The 4th of July is the perfect time to fire up the grill with some choice cuts. There’s nothing better than being able to cook up a fresh catch right there on your boat. Before you head out on the high seas take a look at BoatLIFE’s grilling tips.Gas or Charcoal?Most people suggest using propane […]

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Remove Pitting from Aluminum Boats

Pitting, those small holes that form in metal, is a type of
corrosion caused by a process called depassivation. Depassivation involves the
deterioration of protective coatings around a metal due to contact with a
chloride. In the case of aluminum on a boat, the main culprit for pitting is
salt water. Listed below are some tried and true methods […]

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Cleaning Your Watercraft With BoatLIFE Products

The warmer months often encourage people to restore their boat
back to its previous health. Cleaning products can help you make sure that your
boat is looking and running well. We have a variety of boat cleaning products
at BoatLIFE
to help you have the best looking boat on the water. We recommend using our
products in conjunction with one […]

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Tips for Boat Teak Care

Teak, which is a tropical hardwood species used in boats, can
become discolored if it is not cared for properly. In nature, teak generally
weathers to an ashy gray look; however, water pollutants and harsh chemicals
may darken the aging process or leave it looking damaged. Some boat owners
prefer to paint teak in order to avoid ongoing care; […]

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Getting Your Boat to Shine Like It’s New

Purchasing a new boat can be an exciting event in a person’s
life; however, the maintenance involved with owning a boat also helps people
enjoy their purchase for a longer time. Weather and water damage can quickly
change the look of your boat, so you should keep up on the maintenance of the
internal and external structure in order […]

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Safe Boating Tips

Warm days have finally arrived, which means that many people
are cleaning off their boats or getting ready to launch them in oceans and
lakes. Unfortunately, each year hundreds of people pass away due to injuries
and deaths caused by preventable boating accidents. It is often in the power of
experienced boaters to prevent and boating related deaths. This […]

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Best Ways to Clean your Boat

Purchasing a fishing boat gives you the ability to go out on
the water as often as you would like; therefore, it is no surprise that a boat
is one of the prized possessions of many fishermen. Boats, which often require a
large investment, also need ongoing maintenance and upkeep so that you are able
to enjoy the outdoors […]

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Protecting Your Boat Against Loss & Damages

The long winter might have left your boat in a tough state,
especially if it experienced strong waves and below freezing temperatures.
During the winter, boats docked in harbors and those out at sea experience a
significant amount of damage. Although your boat might be looking worn down
after a long winter there are a number of things you […]

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