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Boat Cleaning Products: Buyer’s Guide


Let’s face the facts. Buying a boat can be expensive, and taking
care of a boat can also be costly. If you want to ensure you get the most bang for
your buck, you need to know that the products designed to maintain your boat are
prepared to handle the toughest jobs.

We recommend that you don’t buy another boat product until
you have some assurance of their success and value. Here’s a simple guide to
show you what to look for in the best boat cleaning products.

A Satisfaction

You’d be surprised just how many products don’t offer the
satisfaction guarantee. Many companies simply give off the impression that
they’re guaranteed, without any specific promises. BoatLIFE products are different.
We’re confident in our products and your satisfaction. We want to be clear:
your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you can receive a full refund. It’s that

It’s important to read the fine print when you’re
researching boat cleaning products—even when it comes to satisfaction
guarantees. Some guarantees are limited by time. Others are limited by the
amount of the refund. While a company can say your satisfaction is guaranteed,
make sure that the products you buy come with the real weight of a full
satisfaction guarantee.

Start with a company like BoatLIFE—a company you know you
can trust. Browse our boat
maintenance products
with the knowledge that you’re buying from a company
with a solid guarantee.

Quality and Longevity

Admittedly, quality is priority number one for any boat
product company worth its sea salt. But since a satisfaction guarantee includes
a promise of product quality, we thought we’d add it again here with an
additional note: a product also has to have longevity.
If your boat product does great work but doesn’t last, then it’s not a great

This applies to anything you use on your boat, including:

Low—or No—Shipping

With the advent of digital shopping, many people no longer
purchase products within stores. When ordering online, make sure that the
shipping costs are reasonable enough to justify the convenience.

Here at BoatLIFE, we offer free ground shipping in the continental U.S. for any order over $150.
That means you can make a sizeable purchase without having to pay any extra
fees simply because you didn’t go to a store.

Buy from a company that offers quality shipping without the
additional costs.

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to make good
decisions regarding your boat’s long-term care and maintenance. Remember: don’t
just buy any product that comes your way. Take some time to find the right
features on the right products and you’ll spend your money wisely every single
time. To be sure you’re choosing a quality product, browse any of our high
quality boat cleaning products on the BoatLIFE online store.

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