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How Tos

How To Articles
Caulking Teak Deck SeamsVIEW
Tips for Fiberglass Cleaner and Bilge CleanerVIEW
Tips for Life-Calk & ReleaseĀ®VIEW
How to use “Git”-RotVIEW
How to use AquapoxyVIEW
How to Care for TeakVIEW

Spec Sheets

Spec SheetsDownload
Life-Calk Type HDownload
Sealant ChartDownload
Life Calk Q&ADownload
Git RotDownload
Marine SiliconeDownload
Teak Deck SealantDownload
Life SealDownload
Life-Calk Type PDownload
Life-Calk 1-PartDownload

Safety Data Sheets

SDSFile NumberRevision DateDownload
Release Adhesive and Sealant Remover07/19/2017Download
Life Seal White003905/02/2019Download
Teak Deck Sealant Black005105/02/2019Download
Test Tank Cleaner012107/07/2015Download
Life Seal Clear003805/02/2019Download
Life Wax003304/21/2015Download
Liquid Fiberglass Rubbing Compound & Color Restorer002604/23/2015Download
Liquid Life Calk Black000906/18/2015Download
Liquid Life Calk White005206/18/2015Download
Liquid Life Seal008007/21/2015Download
Live Well & Bait Well Cleaner012207/07/2015Download
Mildew Remover012404/20/2015Download
Poly Shine002907/07/2015Download
Marine Silicone Rubber Black003705/02/2019Download
Marine Silicone Rubber Clear003505/02/2019Download
Marine Silicone Rubber White003604/21/2015Download
Stainless Steel Cleaner012904/22/2015Download
Teak Brite Brightener001705/02/2019Download
Teak Brite Kreme Cleaner002205/02/2019Download
Teak Brite Powder Cleaner004405/02/2019Download
Teak Brite Sealer Golden001804/23/2015Download
Teak Brite Teak Oil Natural002004/23/2015Download
Git-Rust 8 oz001404/20/2015Download
Graphix G Wax013207/21/2015Download
Life Calk Black000205/02/2019Download
Life Calk Mahogany000305/02/2019Download
Life Calk Primer001104/23/2015Download
Life Calk Solvent & Cleaner001004/21/2015Download
Life Calk Teak Brown000405/02/2019Download
Life Calk Type H Part A005304/20/2015Download
Life Calk Type P & H 2 Part Black Part B000606/05/2015Download
Life Calk Type P Part A005404/20/2015Download
Life Calk White000105/02/2019Download
Life Restorer Wax003207/07/2015Download
Life Seal Aluminum004105/02/2019Download
Life Seal Black004005/02/2019Download
Life Seal Cameo007504/20/2015Download
Git-Rot Part B001204/20/2015Download
Git-Rot Part A001303/20/2018Download
Fix Repair Putty Part B013107/21/2015Download
Fix Repair Putty Part A013007/21/2015Download
Fiberglass Rubbing Compound003407/07/2017Download
Fiberglass Powder Cleaner012505/02/2019Download
Fiberglass Kreme Cleaner001905/02/2019Download
Endgrain Sealer Part B004904/22/2015Download
Endgrain Sealer Part A004804/23/2015Download
Boat Cleaner002504/20/2015Download
Bilge Cleaner002307/07/2015Download
Aquapoxy Part A004504/20/2015Download
Aquapoxy B004604/22/2015Download
Aluminum Cleaner012607/07/2017Download