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Waxing Boat Graphics: What Every Owner Needs to Know

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When you first get your boat, you’re an avid waxer. You want your boat’s sheen to stay bright at all times, taking care to properly rinse, clean, and buff your boat hull. You have no problem going down on that hull, making sure that all of the debris is washed off, all of the stains are carried away, and the boat is power-buffed to a hard-earned shine.

Then you acquire some expensive, custom-made graphics, and your whole view on waxing changes. The first time you’re about to wax your custom graphics, you hesitate, put the hose down, and stop quickly to check online.

Wise decision. Too many boat owners do more harm to their custom graphics than good because they didn’t take the time to figure out how to properly clean and wax them. And considering just how much money custom graphics can cost, the lessons you learn when you take the time to figure out how to properly wax your boat graphics can be very valuable. Here’s what you need to know before that next waxing.

#1: Solvent-Based Waxes can Wear at Custom Graphics

When a wax contains a solvent, you run the risk that the wax will slowly deteriorate the quality of your graphics. This won’t happen overnight. It won’t happen within an instant. It will happen slowly, over time, leading you to believe that something else is the root cause of your graphics starting to fade over time.

In truth, you should look for a boat wax like Graphix Wax that promises not to deteriorate your graphics. It should function like other waxes, capable of cleaning off dirt and grime stains, but ultimately treat the graphics they’re protecting more gently than the usual grade of wax.

#2: Protecting your Graphics from the Sun is More Important Than You Think

When you head out for a day in the sun, you apply sunscreen. Why should your custom graphics be any different? Fortunately, your custom graphics are a little less sensitive to the sun. But over time, sun damage really does add up. That’s why you’ll want to pay special attention to the sun protective qualities offered by your graphics wax. Graphix Wax, for example, is a UV protectant that helps shield your graphics from sun damage during the summer. When you wax your graphics, think of it not only as a good waxing, but applying some sunscreen to the side of your boat.

#3: High-Grade Components are Even More Important in Graphics Wax

Your custom graphics should be made of high-quality materials. Why would you use anything less than high-quality materials for waxing? Look on the labels to find wax that is specifically crafted for your boat graphics—anything less and you’re simply playing a game of chance.

When you match your boat wax or polish to the right job, you’ll do your boat a favor. With a well-protected hull and vibrant custom graphics, it will be obvious that you know how to take care of your boat. Now go ahead and finish off that waxing—using the right ingredients, of course.

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