Boat Polish & Rubbing Compounds

There are many advantages to waxing your boat, including enhancing visual appearance and adding protection from the elements. To get the best possible results when waxing, use only the highest quality boat compound and polish from BoatLIFE.

When Should You Use Rubbing Compound?

Over the years, the fiberglass gel coat on your boat is bound to dull or get scratches. Apply our boat rubbing compound to the boat’s exterior to smooth out the surface of the gel coat. Additionally, our rubbing compound will prepare the surface of the boat for a fresh wax.

When Should You Polish?

Boat polish is generally applied after using a rubbing compound. After the rubbing compound has leveled out the surface of your gel coat, the polish helps to brighten the surface. After applying polish, you would apply wax to extend the protection of the newly refinished surface.

Everything You Need

Our boat compound collection includes everything you will need to make your boat shine like new once again. Many projects will start with our Fiberglass Rubbing Compound, which can remove stains from the surface without losing much of the gel coat. From there, use PolyShine, our premium boat polish designed specifically for fiberglass boat hulls. To finish the job, select LifeWax, which features a carnauba formula that filters UV rays and can protect your boat for as long as three years.

Stick to Simple Techniques

No need to do anything fancy or complicated to get great results when you use boat rubbing compound from BoatLIFE. While it is possible to apply compound by hand, using a power buffer is a much easier option if you have a large boat. When using a power buffer, be sure to keep it moving consistently to avoid wearing down your gel coat in any one spot.

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For best boat detailing results, use only high quality BoatLIFE rubbing and polishing products on your boat. If you have any questions about our products or how they are used, feel free to contact us for help. Thanks for visiting!

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