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Where to Buy the Best Possible Products for Your Boat


There are a lot of boating products out there, but once
you’ve decided to live the BoatLIFE, there’s no going back to the other guys.
The problem? You’re not sure where to buy your first boat product from
BoatLIFE. Should you go online, and if so, how can you save on shipping charges?
Can you find BoatLIFE products in your local marine shop?

Let’s answer each and every one of those questions today:

Step One: Determine
What It Is that You Need

You may think this is intuitive, but you’d be surprised to
learn there are a lot of boating products you may need—but which you haven’t
heard of. This is especially true if you’re a new boat owner who has the idea
that you’re going to wash and protect your boat much like you would a car.

Some products will be more obvious needs—Life-Calk,
for example, will be needed for quick sealing and repairs—and some products
you’ll only discover when you have a highly specific issue. So browse through
our Caulks and Sealants,
our Solvents &
, and our cleaning
and just give them a once-over. You might be surprised to see a
product on the list that addresses exactly what you’ve been looking for—even if
you weren’t sure you were looking for it.

Step Two: Look for an
Online Option

Once you’ve identified a few key products for your boat,
read their descriptions to make sure that they actually deliver what you’ll
need going forward. Then click “Add to Cart.” You’ll have an option here to
either keep shopping or click “Proceed to Checkout” in order to fulfill the
online order.

We recommend registering as a customer. There’s no risk to
you and keeping an account will help you keep track of all of the boat products
you’ve purchased over time.

One quick tip: if you buy all of your items in bulk and all
at once, you could stand to qualify for free shipping. This means that you
won’t have to worry so much about where a local store is to buy the best
possible products for your boat—you can simply have them shipped to you at no
additional cost.

Step Three: If All
Else Fails, Find a Store Near You

What if you only want to purchase one or two items from
BoatLIFE and don’t feel like paying extra for shipping? Although the shipping
costs may not be very high for you, there is
another option worth exploring: using our Where to Buy page. Simply enter in your zip code to find the store closest to
you that carries BoatLIFE products. You’d be surprised at just how many stores
across the nation keep these items in stock, which means you may be able to take a quick trip to the
local marine store and find the same products you’ve been reading all about
here on our website.

If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-382-9706 to find
out if there’s a distributor near you.

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