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BoatLife Release®: Now BoatingLAB Approved

Just how easy is it to release sealants—both cured and
uncured—when you work with one of BoatLife’s flagship products, Release®BoatingLAB—the
review service from Boating, the world’s largest boating magazine—recently
decided to put Release up to their tests. The results? You can see for yourself:

Here’s how Release made it through BoatingLAB’s unique tests
and came out on top:

The Problem that
Release Sets Out to Solve

As BoatingLAB noted, there are some very difficult boating
problems that Release attempts to solve, particularly when it comes to hard-set
sealants. Because marine-specific adhesives are designed to stick to your boat
in sea air, humidity, UV rays, and even salt water, they can be notoriously
difficult to remove. After all, a sealant that’s tough enough to put up with
sea water is going to offer you the
same resistance when you try to remove it. That’s where Release comes in.

The BoatingLAB Tests:
How Did Release Stack Up?

BoatingLAB started out with a simple test: bonding two test
plugs of fiberglass to a panel, which would simulate a standard marine bond.
First, they tried removing the bond without using Release—needless to say, the
process was cumbersome and difficult, as many boat owners might guess.

Then they tried using Release. In their words, it was
“faster, easier, and the process also helped make the bonded surface cleaned
and ready for a new bond.”

In their next test, they tried a simple bond release that
any boat owner has had to tackle at some point or another—removing old
registration numbers off of a boat. If you’ve done this before, you know how difficult
it can be to get each little nook and cranny of the small numbers to come off
in easy pieces. For BoatingLAB, the numbers came off cleanly—and, perhaps just
as important, in less time.

There are other challenges that a product like Release might
be expected to tackle, however: removing excess silicone sealant when you’ve
done a fresh seal. Release passed this test with flying colors, helping to
secure a fresh, neat seal without too much uncured sealant. But what about cured sealant? They found Release removed
this just as well, giving a better “final finish.”

In all, BoatingLAB “found Release® by BoatLife met the
challenges for which it was designed. And we say: BoatingLAB approved.”

Bring High-Quality
Adhesive Removal to Your Boat

It doesn’t take much to take this kind of quality and apply
it to your own boat. All you have to do is procure the right products, give
them a test yourself, and keep them handy for whenever you’ve got a similar sealant that needs to be released.

Whether you want a full
spray version of Release
or a more compact 1-ounce
, you can make life easier on yourself as a boat owner when you stop
all of the constant scratching and scraping. Use a product designed to do most
of the hard work for you and your
life as a boat owner will be much simpler—and much cleaner.

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