Boat Cleaner

Despite living in the water, your boat needs to be cleaned regularly to remain in good condition. In fact, it is because your boat spends so much time in the water that it needs to be cleaned frequently, as the aquatic environment can be trouble for your boat’s finish and its many parts. These Industry leading boat cleaner products from BoatLIFE will allow you to keep your boat in peak condition and looking its best.

Our Products

We offer a full range of boat cleaner products to help you clean and protect all areas of your boat:

  • Boat Cleaner is an industry leading general-purpose boat cleaner featuring an environmentally safe, non-phosphate formula that cleans without removing wax from fiberglass.
  • VinyLIFE is the perfect cleaning product for your interior and exterior vinyl, restoring and brightening colors. This product cleans and protects your boat’s vinyl.
  • Fiberglass Power Cleaner & Stain Remover makes treating tough stains easy, featuring a non-scratching formula that removes dirt and even the most stubborn stains.
  • Bilge Cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning your bilge and bait wells, featuring a biodegradable formula that leaves a pleasant fragrance.
  • And more!

Pay Attention to Ingredients

The right cleaning product for your boat will be based largely on the material you wish to clean. We have boat cleaner for fiberglass, of course, but we also have products designed to care for aluminum boats, stainless steel surfaces, vinyl, and more. When selecting your cleaning products, it is also important to consider the impact on the marine environment. Our cleaning products feature environmentally safe, biodegradable formulas so you can rest easy while you complete this chore.

Order Today!

BoatLIFE makes it easy to stock up on cleaning product for each of the main materials featured in your boat’s design. When you shop with us, you will be equipped for every maintenance task that comes along. Our products are made in the USA and have been specifically designed to deal with the challenges of cleaning a boat—so you can plan on getting reliable results with each use. Place your order today to see the difference for yourself!

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