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Three Vital Solvents and Removers Your Boat Needs

As any experienced boat owner will tell you, cleaning your
boat is one thing—removing sealants is quite another. But if you have the right
solvents and removers
handy, removing cured adhesives and sealants doesn’t have to be such a chore.
Here are the essential solvents and removers your boat needs to stay clean and
sleek—and you need in order to stay sane:

Life Calk Solvent & Cleaner

It’s always important to have a multi-tool around because
you never know what might need fixing. The same is true when it comes to
solvents and cleaners: a good multi-tool will keep you ready for anything. Like
Calk Solvent & Cleaner is the “multi-tool” of the bunch thanks to some
helpful properties:

  • General
    purpose solvent.
    Need we say more? All right, we will. Keeping a general purpose
    solvent handy for the boat will allow you to keep it looking clean. More
    importantly, it will keep the boat clear of 
    excess caulk when used after calking
    and sealing, which means your boat will have a more finished, consistent look.
    And as a general purpose solvent, it can also remove 
  • uncured polysulfide
    sealant. And because this product is safe for fiberglass, you can use it on
    your boat hull with no problem.
  • Tool
    One advantage of general purpose solvent? You can use it for your
    tools, as well, cleaning off grease and grime with minimal effort.

Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover

Fiberglass, wood, metal, glass—if you have a cured sealant
on any of those surfaces, then you can use Release in order to clear it away
with minimal muss and fuss. It’s even safe to use on most carpeted, vinyl,
plastic, and painted surfaces, which means that using it around the interior of
the boat won’t be much of a problem, either.

If you bought a boat with a lot of old stickers on it, this
is an ideal remover—just make sure to move slowly while you peel off these
old stickers so that you can give the adhesive underneath the thorough
treatment it needs to disconnect from your boat.

Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover—One

Okay, we’re cheating. This is the same product you saw
above. There’s one major difference, though, and it’s an important one: this
affordable, one-ounce bottle is perfect for portable usage if you don’t have a
lot of adhesives to work through. If you simply need to remove a sticker, an
old label, or even some tape from your boat, this small applicator will get the
job done with the same quality of the bigger bottle—but for less impact on your
wallet. This is also a great product to try if you aren’t sure about whether
you need a quality adhesive & sealant remover yet and want to experiment
with it first.

Boat owners know just how annoying sealants and adhesives
can be. They’re not only tough to remove, but sometimes they’re so stubborn
that they don’t even completely go away. And since you can’t have a sleek boat
until you master the art of adhesive & sealant removal, it always helps to
have the right products in your corner.

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