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Getting Your Boat to Shine Like It’s New

Purchasing a new boat can be an exciting event in a person’s
life; however, the maintenance involved with owning a boat also helps people
enjoy their purchase for a longer time. Weather and water damage can quickly
change the look of your boat, so you should keep up on the maintenance of the
internal and external structure in order […]

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Safe Boating Tips

Warm days have finally arrived, which means that many people
are cleaning off their boats or getting ready to launch them in oceans and
lakes. Unfortunately, each year hundreds of people pass away due to injuries
and deaths caused by preventable boating accidents. It is often in the power of
experienced boaters to prevent and boating related deaths. This […]

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Best Ways to Clean your Boat

Purchasing a fishing boat gives you the ability to go out on
the water as often as you would like; therefore, it is no surprise that a boat
is one of the prized possessions of many fishermen. Boats, which often require a
large investment, also need ongoing maintenance and upkeep so that you are able
to enjoy the outdoors […]

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Protecting Your Boat Against Loss & Damages

The long winter might have left your boat in a tough state,
especially if it experienced strong waves and below freezing temperatures.
During the winter, boats docked in harbors and those out at sea experience a
significant amount of damage. Although your boat might be looking worn down
after a long winter there are a number of things you […]

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Summer Boating Destination Spots

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means it is time to finish
up any last repairs on your boat and head to the water. This summer you might
be thinking about traveling for boating excursions, including freshwater and
saltwater destinations. Boating is a great way to spend time with loved ones,
while enjoying the outdoors. Boaters often enjoy the long […]

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Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaning Tips

If you are a boat owner then you have a natural interest in
preserving the environment so that you can continue to enjoy recreational
fishing or boating. It is important to learn ways that you can clean your boat
that preserve the health of the natural environment. Here are some tips that
you can use while cleaning your boat […]

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The Best Boats of 2013

Purchasing and owning a boat provides people access to both
recreational fishing and watersports. Each year, the Miami International Boat
Show, which is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, has a collection of
manufacturers and industry leaders that represent some of the top names from
around the world. This year, the conference had an impressive selection of boat
motors […]

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The Best Places for Boating

If you are passionate about boating and have ben thinking
about somewhere where boating opportunities are abundant then you might want to
visit the following locations. Boaters are often dreaming about locations where
there are boat-friendly regulations, easy water access, home availability on
the waterfront, and where they can support their lifestyle based on the local
economy. In the United […]

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Gift Ideas for Passionate Boaters

You may know somebody in your life that has a passion for
boating and is always looking for new technology and cleaning products so that
they can enjoy themselves out on the water. As spring is approaching, you may
have a special someone in your life that is ready to get back to the water. People
use their boats […]

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BoatLIFE’s Original Graphic Wax – Specifically Made for Graphics

North Charleston, SC – Life Industries today announced that it is rolling out its latest product called Graphix Wax. Graphix Wax is an ideal product for boats, RVs, cars and airplanes and jetes with costly graphics, because it contains no products that degrade or destroy graphics during the waxing process. It has no solvents or […]

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