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Getting Your Boat to Shine Like It’s New

Purchasing a new boat can be an exciting event in a person’s
life; however, the maintenance involved with owning a boat also helps people
enjoy their purchase for a longer time. Weather and water damage can quickly
change the look of your boat, so you should keep up on the maintenance of the
internal and external structure in order to keep your boat healthy and shiny
for many years. If you are currently a boat owner and your boat has lost its
original beauty or shine, then you can use a set of tools and steps to restore
it back to health.

Wash Your Boat, Top to

Although it’s a simple tool, washing your boat is the baseline for
taking care of our boat. If you do not have time to detail or wax your boat on
a regular basis, then you should at least rinse your boat after every trip out
on the water. You should wash your boat with specific soap and make sure that
you do not wash your boat with dish soap. Some dish soaps and household
cleaners have high alkaline levels, which may strip off the wax on your boat’s
hull faster than you expected. You can purchase marine cleaners, like our boat
and fiberglass kreme cleaner, that are made
especially for boats so you do not cause any damage to your hull. You will also
need cleaning accessories, like buckets, a washing tool, and access to water.
Rinse your boat off from top to bottom so that you make sure you remove all
dirt and dust particles that could hurt or scratch your boat. You can wash the
boat with boat cleaner and any soft towel or cleaning cushion. Dry the boat after you are done cleaning it and cover it to prevent against any damages
that could be caused by the environment, like UV rays and salt water.

Wax Your Boat

If your boat has recently taken on a dull look rather than a
glossy shine, then you need to wax your boat. The most important first step in
preparation for waxing your boat is properly cleaning its surface. You can use
a fiberglass hull cleaner in order to remove the
algae, scum, or barnacles that are attached to your boat. Using a fiberglass
hull cleaner is very simple, all you have to do is brush it on, let is sit for
a given amount of time, and wash it away. There is no scrubbing involved with
this cleaner and it will not threaten the health of your gel coat. You should
use clean cotton rags to wax your boat. Our graphic
combines a cleaner with UV protectant in order to keep your hull
cleaner and shinier than if you would have used a regular wax. And it won’t deteriorate your graphics.

If you regularly wash and wax your boat then you can keep the
hull looking healthy and clean over its lifespan. Old boats that are dull and
covered in external damage are the result of poor upkeep. There are a number of
different cleaners available at Boat Life that will help you keep your boat
clean and running well. 

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