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Summer Boating Destination Spots

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means it is time to finish
up any last repairs on your boat and head to the water. This summer you might
be thinking about traveling for boating excursions, including freshwater and
saltwater destinations. Boating is a great way to spend time with loved ones,
while enjoying the outdoors. Boaters often enjoy the long days in the sun
surrounded by friends and family. Researchers have found that boating helps to
connect people with one another and restore levels of rest and relaxation in
people’s lives. In addition, according to the
Travel Channel, 99% of Americans live less than an hour away from a
navigable body of water, whether it is a lake or an ocean. In the United
States, there are many beautiful destinations where boaters can go this summer
to enjoy some quiet time on the water.

Marina del Rey

This beautiful boating destination is located in California,
which is also known as the Golden State. Marina del Rey is a manmade
small-craft harbor that is located just forty-five minutes from downtown Los
Angeles. The marina hosts a number of luxury hotels, including the Ritz
Carlton, where vacationers can go to soak in the beautiful scenery and go
boating along the coast. The docks in Marina del Rey are some of the most popular
in the state, as they hold up to 4,300 boats and yachts. The area provides
opportunities for both people who own boats, as well as people who are
interested in renting a day out on the water.


On the other side of the United States in Newport, Rhode Island
many boaters go to view the beautiful New England coast. The port-city is
well known for America’s Cup, which is an annual international yachting race
that has been around since 1851. In this historic New England city, boaters
come from around the world to check out the beautiful boating conditions. You
can book a private tour with a number of local skippers and boating companies,
or set sail with private charters along the ocean. Newport is also known for
its delicious seafood and beautiful lighthouse that overlooks the Atlantic

Lake Havasu

Marina del Rey and Newport provide beautiful views of coastal
oceans; however, Lake Havasu, Arizona is emerging as a popular freshwater
destination. The lake is a large reservoir that is in the middle of Mohave
County. Boaters that visit this location are able to find warm temperatures, as
well as beautiful hidden coves and they catch glimpses of the massive London
Bridge. Lake Havasu draws a younger crowd which is interested in an active
nightlife. Along the lake visitors can find sixteen different boat launch
locations as well as opportunities for party-boat rentals.

The United States is home to beautiful boating destination
spots in the country. Each location has its own set of advantages depending on
the type of boating experience that is sought after by visitors. If you plan on visiting one of these beautiful boating destinations you definitely want to make sure that your boat is in tip top shape, so make sure you’re stocked up on your boat care summer essentials!

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