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Best Ways to Clean your Boat

Purchasing a fishing boat gives you the ability to go out on
the water as often as you would like; therefore, it is no surprise that a boat
is one of the prized possessions of many fishermen. Boats, which often require a
large investment, also need ongoing maintenance and upkeep so that you are able
to enjoy the outdoors on your boat longer. Caring for and cleaning your boat is
one of the most important habits you can get into after purchasing your boat. A
clean and healthy boat can help to increase its lifespan. Ongoing maintenance
protects against invasive species, mold, and other water damage. A thorough
cleaning of your boat from top to bottom will help you preserve the value of
your purchase and avoid expensive costs associated with restoration.

Carpet Cleaning

Although the carpet in boats is meant to withstand large
amounts of sun, water, and other dirt, it is also prone to deterioration. Fish
slime, spilled salted plastics, and other fishing scents can absorb into your
carpet and leave your boat smelling bad. In addition, if people are able to
drink or eat on your boat then you may have food and beverages that have been
spilled onto the carpet. If you own a wet or dry vacuum then you can clean off
excess dirt and water on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Some people only have
access to a regular vacuum, so it may be a good idea to let the carpet dry before
making the necessary repairs. You can find a carpet cleaner online at BoatLife that helps to remove lingering tough
stains and be sure to take a look at our blog on carpet cleaning.


The livewells on your fishing boat are a prime target for
bad smells and tough stains. If you are able to clean these often then you can
improve the health of fish in holding as well as cut down on odors your guests might smell. Since
live fish may be placed within a livewell, you want to use a non-toxic product like our Live Well Cleaner to clean the surface. Toxic products like detergents, bleach, or other
hazardous chemicals should not be used because it may be ingested by you in the
end. A blast of clean water and non-toxic soap helps to remove any lingering
smells and grime.

Clean Your Bilges

The bilge area can sometimes conceal some of the hardest to
remove crime, dirt, sludge, oil, and residue. A commercial bilge cleaner is the
most effective product you can use in order to clean smelly and grimy areas. You
can use a non-foaming, biodegradable bilge
that cleans well and does not leave strong smells. This
cleaner helps to break down tough residue without impacting metals, plastics,
or paint. You can suck up any remaining liquid with a wet vacuum in order to
make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the bilge. Follow these tips to make bilge cleaning easy!

In order to make sure you clean your boat you should prepare a
schedule before the season begins. If you are sure to clean your boat from the
top down, then you will remove any lingering residue. For additional boat
cleaning products and other tips you can visit BoatLIFE.

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