How To Cut Fiberglass

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How To Cut Fiberglass

Fiberglass can be one of the most attractive things about
your boat. It can also be one of the most complicated parts of the boat that
you have to deal with. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need
to trim or cut fiberglass to handle repairs or give it a cosmetic update, it
can feel […]

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How to Clean Boat Windows

The streaks. The dust. The stains. If there’s anything that
vexes boat owners, it just might be their windows. They’re supposed to let
water bead on them without collecting a film of dust, giving your boat the
clean, steady shine that you need. But as any boat owner knows, that’s not always
what happens. So what can you do? […]

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How To Clean A Boat Engine

the most important part of your boat. Yet how often do you make it a point to
keep your boat engine clean and in proper working condition? Too many boat
owners focus on keeping their hull shiny and brand new while they ignore the
basic function of their motor. But there’s no reason you can’t clean your engine
as […]

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How To Deoxidize A Boat

Oxidation is no one’s friend. It can get in the way of your
boat’s appearance and even its function. If you want to maintain your boat and
ensure that it always looks its best, you’re going to have to know how to fight
oxidation. Here’s how to deoxidize a boat the right way.Boat Oxidation: What
Every Boat Owner Should […]

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How To Clean A Fiberglass Boat Deck

You take great care to ensure the interior of your boat is
clean, not to mention the obvious sections of your hull that show to the world.
But what about your deck? Is it possible to clean it safely without spending
too much time on back-breaking labor? As it turns out, there’s plenty you can
do—so long as you […]

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How To Clean Pontoon Boat Sides

When you own a pontoon boat, the temptation is to focus most
of your energy on the aluminum—and rightly so. The quality and appearance of
the metal on your pontoon will have a dramatic effect on how it looks and performs.
But what about those other defining portions of your pontoon: the boat sides?
In this guide, we’ll walk […]

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How To Clean A Boat Windshield

When you picture cleaning your boat, what do you imagine?
Most people imagine scraping barnacles off the boat, or doing something complicated
to clean its hull. Yet many people forget that the boat has a windshield, just
like a car, and that this windshield needs attention too. Here’s a quick guide
on how to clean a boat windshield.What You […]

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How To Clean A Boat Hull In The Water

When we tell you to imagine cleaning a boat, what do you
picture? In all likelihood, a lot of chores. Primary among those chores:
bringing the boat out of the water so you can clean and dry it in open air. But
what if you didn’t have to retrieve your boat from the water to clean its hull?
What […]

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How To Clean Boat Fenders

Your boat fenders aren’t just there to protect your boat. They
also influence the quality and appearance of the entire boat itself. If you
want your boat to look and perform its best, you’ll need healthy, clean boat fenders.
Here’s everything you need to know to keep your fenders in great shape.Understanding Boat
FendersYour boat fenders are there to […]

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How To Clean Algae Off Your Boat

It doesn’t take long before you realize that owning a boat
isn’t exactly like owning a car. Thanks to the marine environment—not to
mention its physical limitations—you can’t exactly drive your boat through a
car wash. That’s why the accumulation of algae on your boat can lead to some
confusion. So how can you clean algae off your boat? […]

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