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Safe Boating Tips

Warm days have finally arrived, which means that many people
are cleaning off their boats or getting ready to launch them in oceans and
lakes. Unfortunately, each year hundreds of people pass away due to injuries
and deaths caused by preventable boating accidents. It is often in the power of
experienced boaters to prevent and boating related deaths. This summer, you can
help protect yourself and your loved ones against boating accidents so that you
can continue to enjoy your time out on the water. If you are a boating
enthusiast, then you can follow these general safety tips while you are out on
your boat:

Wear a Life Jacket

Although wearing a life jacket might not be the most
comfortable, they are effectively used for preventing drowning-related
deaths. In fact, most people who are killed while boating drown not wearing a
life jacket. When people fall overboard there is not enough time to grab a life
jacket before a person will sink underwater. Fortunately, life jackets are no longer
bulky and there are many modern designs that are smaller and more
comfortable. The evolution in life jacket technology makes it easier for
children and adults to stay safer while enjoying the water.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Although many people take alcohol out on their boat, a boat
operator with a blood alcohol content above .08% is more likely to die in a
boating accident than an operator with zero blood alcohol. In fact, research
has shown that boat operators with high blood alcohol content are ten times
more likely than sober boating operators to die in a boating accident. When you
are out on the boat, the combination of sun and alcohol can also lead to heat
stroke or other heat and respiratory related issues. According to Federal
boating law, operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs is
illegal in all states. It is your responsibility as a
boating operator to make sure that passengers on your boat are safe, which may
mean monitoring people’s levels of intoxication.

Professional Boating
Experience & Annual Check-Ups

Carelessness, recklessness, excessive speed when driving, and a
failure to pay attention to hazards on the water often creates boating
accidents. An inexperienced boating operator is more prone to experiencing one
of these pitfalls. Before operating a boat, you can take a boater safety course
to learn about rules of the water and other important boating regulations. In
addition, you should get an annual check-up on your boat to prevent any
equipment-related citations and to reduce accidents. A boat check-up makes sure
that everything is working properly and that your passengers are safe while out
on the water.

Although boating can be a serious sport and cause injury or
other harm, it is important to remember to have fun as well. In addition to
safety tips and annual check-ups, you should make sure that your boat structure
is in good condition before going out on the water. If you have any repairs
that need to be made you can find accessories and cleaning products at BoatLIFE
online or by calling 800-832-9706.

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