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Tips for Boat Teak Care

Teak, which is a tropical hardwood species used in boats, can
become discolored if it is not cared for properly. In nature, teak generally
weathers to an ashy gray look; however, water pollutants and harsh chemicals
may darken the aging process or leave it looking damaged. Some boat owners
prefer to paint teak in order to avoid ongoing care; however, if you want to
preserve the natural beauty of the wood then you should clean, oil, seal, and
varnish for protection. Fortunately, Boat LIFE offers products that will
preserve your boat’s teak across its lifetime.

Teak Cleaning

Cleaning teak with the wrong product can cause serious damage;
however, it is necessary to thoroughly clean your teak before applying any
other type of protective coating. You can apply teak cleaner using a heavy duty scrubbing tool that allows you to
remove tough stains and residue. You should apply the teak cleaner to the steel
wool and scrub lightly with the grain for a couple of minutes. After applying
teak cleaner, leave it on the surface for several minutes in order to lift any
tough stains from the wood. Before applying oil, make sure to rinse the wood
thoroughly and let it dry completely.

Teak Oil

Oiling the teak on your boat is the best practice for bringing
out rich natural colors. Teak oil helps to give the wood on your boat the rich
and warm appearance that is most often sought after. Unfortunately, teak oil
does not last as long as most boat owners would like. At Boat LIFE,
we offer a number of different teak oils that help to enrich and protect the
color and shine. You can apply teak oil with a paint brush, but make sure to
wipe up any drips or runs on fiberglass or other painted surfaces because the
oil might leave dark stains that will be hard to remove.

At Boat LIFE, we offer teak cleaning products that work well
with fiberglass, plastic, wood or vinyl. If
you have questions about any of our teak care products please call 800-382-9706 or
visit us online for more information. 

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