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What Every Boat Sealant Needs – And How to Find It


If you’re not familiar with the process, boat sealing can
sometimes seem like rocket science. Boats, after all, have to deal with the
prospect of water. Unlike sealing a
roof or an RV, boats have to function in different types of environments—and
that means knowing about how sealing works in these different environments.

Fortunately, it’s not rocket science. Not when you’re
working with the best possible products.

What Your Boat
Sealants Should Be Able to Do

The first step is knowing what boat sealants can do. And we
think the quickest way to demonstrate that is actually to tell you about each
individual characteristic—and then point out a product that can provide exactly

  • Application
    It might seem like magic to the uninitiated, but you can indeed
    apply boat sealant underwater for emergency repairs—provided that you’re
    working with the right kind of boat sealant. For example, a cartridge of Life-Calk
    has this ability, working in a pinch even if the repairs you need are quite
    literally below the water line.
  • Curing in
    Being able to cure in water might not be important in, say, RVs—but
    in boats, it’s important for obvious reasons. Life-Seal has
    the ability to cure underwater, ensuring that you get a full sealing even when
    your boat has to remain in the water.
    But you’ll want to watch out for a few limitations, as well, as this isn’t
    recommended for ferro cement hulls, impregnated wood, or in oil-soaked
  • Low odor.
    Sealing is great and all, but if it smells—well, then what’s the point? Unless
    you’re stuck in an emergency, it should be important that you work with a low
    odor product like Life-Seal so that you can use your boat once it’s properly
    repaired—without plugging your nose.

How to Find the Right
Boat Products

In the examples above, all you have to do is read the fine
print to ensure that you’re getting the boat sealants you need.
There are a range of different caulks and sealants available here at our
website, so make sure that you read the labels and descriptions on each to
search for these individual characteristics. If you don’t see it, then move on.
It’s as simple as that!

What do you do when you have the right products? First, you
should find a safe place to store them for future use. This may be in your
garage or even on a waterproof compartment in your boat—especially if you want
to keep a sealant handy for emergencies. Second, you should look to diagnose
your specific boat’s problems and find the right sealant to match the material
on your boat, as it’s always important to make sure you’re working with the
appropriate kind of sealing material itself.

From there, you’ll have no problem cleaning the
area, applying the sealant, and allowing it to cure for a quick seal. Soon,
you’ll be ready to take the boat out on the water again and continue on
enjoying the warm weather.

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