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IMPORTANT! Read These Tips Before Waxing Your Boat

Stop! We know that you’re generally a careful boat owner. If
you weren’t, you wouldn’t come to sites like this one to read up on tips for
waxing your boat. But before you start doing any work on your boat, you’re going to have to know the best
practices for waxing it—not only to prevent doing any harm, but to actually
make sure that you’re doing the most efficient job possible.

In order to accomplish that, we have three recommendations
for you: first, know your equipment. Second, know your process. And third…well,
that’s the whole secret. You’ll see.

First: Know Your

What do you need out of your boat wax? It’s a very simple
question, but you’d be surprised at how few boat owners actually take the time
to ask it.

For example, maybe you recently had some custom graphics
installed on your boat—and you’re pretty happy about it. You want to wax your
boat to ensure that you’ll have a protective coat over those boat graphics and
keep them looking new for years to come. But did you ever consider whether you
might be using the wrong wax for

Use a dedicated wax like Graphix Wax to ensure that
you have the UV protection necessary to prevent your graphics from fading, curling or cracking over
time. In fact, browse through all of our boat waxes, compounds,
and polishes
to find the ideal match for your needs—before you start trying to maintain that boat of yours.

Second: Know Your

Let’s stay with Graphix Wax for a moment. You might have
noticed that it offers UV protection, but if you really read the fine print,
you’ll note that it also allows you to clean dirt, grime, and stains from y our

If you’ve been using a separate, dedicated process to clean
your graphics, you might want to rethink how you go about it. True: it’s good
to thoroughly clean your graphics out and let them dry before waxing. But if
you can apply a wax that helps clean, you’ll only make life easier on yourself
as a boat owner—which in turn makes it far more likely that you’ll keep this
good maintenance habit up in the future. Any time you can do that, it’s a very
good thing indeed.

Third: Know Your Boat

This is the big “secret” to which we alluded
before, and…well, maybe it’s not a big secret to long-time boat owners. But if
you’re new to the game, it’s important to remember that you need to know your
boat very well if you want to wax it properly. Don’t be afraid to try out a few
different products. Don’t be afraid to try two different waxes to see if one
gives you a better result than another. And, most importantly, pay attention to
the results—because your boat will tell you when it responds best to a certain
process or a certain product. And in the end, it’s all about the boat.

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