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3 Boat Cleaner Essentials Boat Owners Should Look For

Boat cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, it’s true. But
did you ever stop to think to compare boat cleaners for what they are as an
overall package? If you want to make quick, effective, environmentally-safe
work of your next boat cleaning, you’re going to have to know what to look for
in a boat
. We have a few ideas for what should be your top priorities the
next time you need to acquire some for yourself:

Essential #1: Biodegradable Cleaners.

The environment is fast becoming issue #1 for boat owners,
and for good reason. The primary reason to use a boat is to get out and enjoy
nature in its pristine form—at least, as pristine as you can get. Boat owners
don’t want to pollute and damage the environment any more than anyone else,
which is why it’s essential to acquire a cleaning formula that is biodegradable
and easier on the environment than harsh chemicals. 

How can you tell whether a boat cleaner is biodegradable?
Look right on the label. For instance, check out our Boat Cleaner Gallon:
you’ll see it right away. If you’re looking at a boat cleaner that doesn’t even
mention the environment or a biodegradable formula, then it’s time to move on,
pure and simple.

Essential #2:
Versatile Cleaners.

Buying a boat took up enough of your bank account—you don’t
want to spend a small fortune on cleaning products. In order to sell you on
their products, some stores will say you need a dedicated cleaner for every
little thing on your boat. You need a seat cleaner, floor cleaner, hull
cleaner, glass cleaner—the list goes on and on. And in some cases, they’re
right. In other cases, they’re just trying to make a quick buck.

Look for items like our Fiberglass Kreme
if you really want to see versatility: this cleaner can handle a
wide range of problems like oxidation and exhaust. But what’s more than that,
it can remove them from multiple surfaces—not just fiberglass. That will save
you money on buying dedicated cleaners that you never needed…and, maybe more
importantly, will save you on time and labor.

Essential #3: Easy Application Cleaners.

There’s nothing that will send a pleasant day under the sun
cleaning your boat to the dumps faster than a cleaner that’s completely
unintuitive. A cleaner should come in an easy spray bottle like our Mildew Remover if you can
find it—not only does this make things easier on you, but the spray action will
ensure an even coating.

Look for simple bottles and spray bottles as much as you
can. They’re the easiest to apply to towels and rags—or simply to spray right
on to the boat. Remember: when it comes to boat cleaning, anything that can
make your life easier is worth its weight in gold. Well, maybe not gold—but
when it comes to boats, only the best will serve.

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