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Boat Solvents & Removers

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BoatLIFE offers high quality Solvents and Removers for even the toughest of jobs on your boat. Everyone knows the pain of owning a boat but BoatLIFE is here to make that task a little less painful so you can get back to enjoying all the upsides to having a boat!

We offer Life-Calk Solvent and Cleaner, which works great alongside our Life-Calk products, while we also offer Release® Adhesive & Sealant Remover. When using our sealant products we recommend using a scraping tool and RELEASE until the sealant is weakened. We also suggest that in cold areas you heat up the tubes and cartridges before use. To remove the sealant simply spray the edge of the sealant, then work the bonded area between the surface and sealant until weakened, then proceed with the sealant removal.

Life Industries Corporation
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