Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner 16 fl. oz.


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A clean surface is necessary for a successful caulking job. Before you use one of our reliable caulking products like Life-Calk or Life-Seal, prepare the work area with Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner. This caulk cleaner features an acetone-free formula and is safe for use on fiberglass.

Key Benefits
  • Cleans surfaces prior to caulking
  • Safe for fiberglass
  • Removes uncured polysulfide sealant and grease from tools and equipment
  • Acetone free formula
Why Clean Before Caulking?

When applying fresh caulk on your boat you need to get excellent adhesion between the boat surface and the caulk itself. Without a tight bond, the caulk will not stay in place and will not provide the seal you desire.

That said, surface prep does not have to be a difficult or time-consuming job. The key is to use the right product for the task at hand. By using Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner, you can thoroughly clean the boat’s surface without risking any damage to the fiberglass.

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When you order Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner, be sure to order your caulk at the same time. Whether you choose Life-Calk or Life Seal, you can trust BoatLIFE products to deliver quality and long-lasting performance. Place your order today!


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Weight20 oz
Dimensions3.875 × 1.75 × 6.5 in

16 fl. oz./ 473 ml.