Boat Wax

For fiberglass boats, a layer of boating wax can go a long way toward protecting the condition of the boat over the long run. Applying boat wax can give your boat a beautiful shine, but it is as much about maintenance as it is about appearance. Shop quality boat wax products from BoatLIFE to get the kind of protection your boat deserves.

Why Is Wax Important?

Beyond improving the appearance of your boat, wax is important to help protect your hull from damaging UV rays. For the modest investment of time and money required to properly wax your boat’s hull, you will get many benefits. With a proper coat of boating wax, your boat will look great each time it hits the water, and you will be protecting the fiberglass surface that is exposed to the elements during each outing.

Our Wax Products

Our industry-leading boat wax products are made in the USA and are made for any type of job, including:

  • Life Wax is a general-purpose fiberglass boat wax that will protect your hull from UV damage while giving it a beautiful shine. This product is also available in a convenient liquid formula.
  • Graphix Wax is a revolutionary high-performance cleaner and UV protectant, specifically designed for graphics.

How to Wax Your Boat

Waxing your boat does not have to be difficult. Use quality products from BoatLIFE and follow these simple steps:

  • Dry land. Before waxing your boat, remove it from the water and park it in a safe location free from irritants.
  • Clean your boat. It’s important to ensure you’re working with a clean surface to ensure the best boat wax application. Use BoatLIFE Boat Cleaner to get the job done, then rinse and dry.
  • Use a rubbing compound. BoatLIFE Fiberglass Rubbing Compound smooths out your boat’s surface to prepare it for waxing.
  • Apply the wax. You can use an electric buffer or apply your preferred BoatLIFE wax products by hand.

All of Your Boat Care Needs

You care deeply about the condition of your boat, and you want to treat it right at every turn. BoatLIFE, offers a large selection of industry-leading boat waxing supplies and maintenance products to care for your boat. Browse our inventory today, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

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