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As a boat owner, you take great pride in the appearance of your vessel. Even a minor blemish can cause a major headache, so put the power of Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover to use. Whether you need to remove a small patch of residue from a decal or a large section of cured silicone or polyurethane, this product is the perfect partner for the job. Order today!

Key Benefits
  • Removes cured sealants from fiberglass, wood, metal, and glass
  • Ideal to remove residue from decals, tapes, labels, and adhesives
  • Safe on most carpeted, vinyl, plastic, and painted surfaces
A Versatile Solution

There are a number of cleanup tasks associated with caring for your boat, and Release can help with many of them. With a formula that is safe for most carpeted, vinyl, plastic, and painted surfaces, Release can also remove sealants on fiberglass, wood, metal, and glass. As a rule of thumb, always test the product on a small section of material out of sight to make sure there are no adverse effects like discoloration before you continue.

Less Elbow Grease Required

You may already know how hard it is to remove something cured like silicone from your boat. The last thing you want to do is damage the surface! For best results, use Release with a scraping tool that can manually pull cured sealant away. Apply Release sealant remover to loosen the bond, then use your scraper tool to carefully pull away the old material. With a bit of practice, this task can go from a hassle to quick and easy.

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