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​Boat Vinyl Cleaner Products & Uses


Nothing will age a boat faster than vinyl that’s torn, dirty, stained, or outdated. The good news? Your vinyl never has to look that way. The more attention you pay to your vinyl, the better off your boat interior will be. But effective vinyl care is about more than simply washing it and drying it every so often. You have to identify the right boat vinyl cleaner products and understand how to use them if you want your boat looking its best.

A Brief Guide to VinyLIFE’s Benefits

The most important tool in your arsenal: VinyLIFE®. This simple spray bottle might look like a humble cleaner, but you’d be surprised at all that this boat vinyl cleaner product can accomplish.

  • Dual purposes. The beauty of VinyLIFE is that it provides both cleaning and protection. That means you can use the spray bottle to spot-clean or clean it routinely. At the same time, you’re adding a degree of protection to your vinyl that will keep that fresh, clean look over time.
  • UV protection. This is what many boat owners forget about vinyl. They’re so busy putting on sunscreen that they forget the rest of the damage that UV rays can do. Vinyl is just as susceptible to sun damage, which is why you’ll want to use a product like VinyLIFE for protection.
  • Color restoration. By restoring and brightening the colors of your vinyl, VinyLIFE also serves as something of a cosmetic enhancement. It protects the actual health of your vinyl while preserving and enhancing its appearance as well.
  • Versatility. Before you think that your bottle of VinyLIFE will hardly get used, consider that this boat vinyl cleaner product works both on interior and exterior vinyl, upholstery, seats, fenders, bumpers and more. Including it in your routine boat cleaning means you’ll see plenty of use out of that bottle.

Add these benefits up and you see just how beneficial it is to treat your vinyl with a specially-dedicated formula. It will enhance the appearance of your vinyl and keep that vinyl looking its best for years.

Why You Should Keep General Boat Cleaner Handy

Perhaps one of the best investments you can make for the long-term health of your boat is also one of the simplest. It’s keeping Boat Cleaner handy for quick spot cleaning as well as routine maintenance. This formula is environmentally safe and even cleans fiberglass without removing your wax protection, which in turn keeps your boat well-protected for the future.

Boat Cleaner is a general cleaner, which means it’s versatile enough that it can be used for spot cleaning. It’s best to keep VinyLIFE around for spot-cleaning your vinyl upholstery, of course, but Boat Cleaner can fill in just about any cleaning product gap you have around your boat.

Keep both of these boat cleaning products in your kit and you’ll find that there’s more than just one use for a good boat cleaner. They shouldn’t just spot-clean: they should provide you with the restoration and protection your boat needs. And don’t forget to look for more boat cleaning and maintenance products here at BoatLIFE to keep your boat looking its best.

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