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​How To Treat Teak Wood On A Boat


Love teak? So do we. It’s rare to find a type of wood that’s as beautiful as teak while remaining durable and strong against the elements of the marine environment. But teak is meant to look good. If your boat’s teak looks wrong, it’s time to think about how to treat, maintain, and clean your teak for more longevity and a better look. Here’s how to treat teak wood on your boat.

Signs Your Teak Needs Maintenance

What do we mean by a boat’s teak looking “wrong”? Here are some signs you need to step in and take care of your teak:

  • Excess staining and debris. The most obvious signs are how “dirty” your teak might look. Stains, debris, and piling up of other materials should be cleared out to give the teak a chance to look its best. If you notice a buildup of any “gunk” in specific crevasses, you’ll want to address these so as to avoid letting them harden and dry out over time.
  • Discoloration. Teak should be bright and lustrous. If it gets too grey or dark, it means that you have some work to do. If this is the case, consider applying a rinse of fresh water, followed by Teak Brite® Brightener. This is a “mid-season” cleaner and protectant, which means it’s primarily useful for a quick brightening up, and not intended for teak in need of more serious restoration.

If you notice either of the above, it may be time to take your teak care to the next level.

Tools For Treating Teak Wood

Cleaning and maintaining teak isn’t as simple as getting out a spray bottle and wiping it down. You’ll need special tools designed specifically for teak maintenance to get the most out of this wood.

Start with a Stainless Steel Scrubber. If you already have one lying around, great. If you don’t, use our Life Scrub-All. Rather than damaging your teak, this is perfect for dealing with hardwoods (including teak) that need more substantial cleaning than simply wiping down. Additionally, this stainless steel scrubber includes a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and disintegration.

Next, use a Teak Sealer. After properly cleaning out your teak with a Stainless Steel Scrubber and using a brightener like Teak Brite®, it’s a good idea to seal off the teak for long-term protection. The key here is to let the wood dry first. This will help the oil move into the natural wood fibers and enhance the overall protective quality of the sealer. We recommend letting your teak dry out for at least 24 hours before applying your teak sealer.

Closing Thoughts

Taking care of your teak isn’t just good for how your boat looks. It will help you spend less when it comes to boat maintenance in the long run. Support your teak and this durable wood will reward you with many years of quality performance. Don’t forget to browse all of our Teak Maintenance Products to ensure you have everything you need along the way!

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