How To Restore Boat Paint

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How To Restore Boat Paint

It’s important that your boat run its best if you want it to
feel like new. But what about looking
like new? That’s the result of one thing: the quality of your boat paint. Yes,
it’s important to take care of your boat upholstery and keeping the entire boat
clean. But if your boat paint doesn’t look its best, […]

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How To Clean An Inflatable Boat

Image sourceAn inflatable boat is all about convenience. It’s a simple,
portable, and easy way to get yourself out on the water to enjoy a great time. Until
it comes time to clean it. Suddenly you find yourself lost. You have no idea
how you’re supposed to clean this type of boat without letting it get dirty
again. Fortunately, […]

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DIY Boat Lettering Guide

Your boat is more than just an object. It’s also
representative of an outdoor lifestyle. You might want to customize your boat
to reflect your values, your taste, and maybe even your love of boating. One
problem? Custom boat lettering can be expensive. That’s why we’ve prepared this
brief DIY boat lettering guide to introduce you to the concepts […]

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How To Seal An Aluminum Boat

An aluminum boat is a clean, effective way to enjoy the open
water. But the quality of your aluminum is obvious to anyone looking at
it—especially if there’s an issue. That’s why you’ll have to know how to seal
an aluminum boat by using the right techniques and a few helpful products along
the way.InspectionThe first step is to […]

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How To Repair Cracked Vinyl Boat Seats

If there’s anything that’s the bane of the inexperienced
boat owner, it might just be vinyl. True: vinyl is a durable, waterproof,
valuable material. It’s great for marine upholstery because of how well it
handles water and how long it lasts. But it won’t last forever. It can
sometimes crack, exposing the cushioning inside your upholstery. If you want […]

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DIY Boat Graphics Guide

Ever look at your boat and think it looks a little…plain? Then
there’s a good chance you’re the type of boat owner who wouldn’t mind putting
in the effort for some DIY boat graphics. Graphics are a great way to spruce up
the look of your boat. To make the process even easier, we’ve assembled some
tips and strategies […]

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Aluminum Boat Transom Repair Tips Image

Aluminum Boat Transom Repair Tips

Anyone with an aluminum boat knows how important the transom
is. That surface area on the stern pulls together both the look and the
functionality of the boat. That’s why it’s essential that you know how to effectively
repair the transom when any issues arise. We’ve put together a list of tips to
help you with boat transom repair—as […]

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DIY Boat Accessories – Products To Make The Job Easy

When you buy a boat, you like to focus on the “big” wins. It
makes sense. You want a great price on the boat. You don’t want to spend too
much on a new paint job or an expensive hull repair. But what if there were a
number of smaller DIY boat accessories that could make those boat […]

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How To Repair A Fiberglass Boat Hull From The Outside

You take good care of your boat, paying special attention to
even the smallest cracks and dings that form in the hull. That’s why a hole in
your hull can be so alarming. If it’s not addressed, it threatens the integrity
of your boat to a degree well beyond surface dings and marks. But what if a
hole in […]

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How To Paint An Aluminum Boat Image

How To Paint An Aluminum Boat

Aluminum boats are durable, affordable, and easy to use. But
are they easy to paint? They can be—if you know the right steps and give your boat
the care it needs every step of the way. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about
how to paint an aluminum boat!Preparing Your
Although aluminum is a light and simple metal, sometimes
simplicity […]

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