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Hurricane Tips

With hurricane season in full swing, now is the time for boaters to start taking steps to protect their vessel and to have a plan. Check out these top tips to make sure that you are prepared in case a hurricane comes our way!


  1. Insurance-Damage to a boat caused by a hurricane can end up costing you more to fix than what your annual insurance policy costs. But be sure to review the policy carefully. Some policies require owners to move their vessel out of hurricane zones by a specific date according to their policy.
  2. Contact your marina-Or the storage facility where your boat is stored. Be sure your vessel can stay there during a hurricane. Make sure you know the procedure for securing your boat.
  3. Have a plan-Some insurance providers require a written plan detailing where and how your boat will be secured during a storm. Be sure to have someone to help you with this in case you are out of town and can’t get back to do this yourself.
  4. Pick a haul out provider– You may have to move your boat in preparation for a storm. If this is the case, be sure you have a provider and location picked out before the storm is on it’s way.
  5. Make an inventory-Be sure to take inventory of the valuables on your boat. Making a video inventory is even better. Be sure to document serial numbers, model names, etc. of electronic devices on your boat.
  6. Documents-Do not leave any important documents such as insurance policies or registration papers on your boat.
  7. Detachable items-Remove anything that can be detached such as canvas, sails, cushions, fishing items, electronics and antennas. And, remember to latch down everything that cannot be removed. If your boat is on a trailer, use tie-downs to anchor the trailer to the ground. You may also want to let the air out of its tires and weigh down the frame.
  8. Battery-Disconnect the battery. If your boat is being stored in a facility with shore power, be sure the power is turned off and power cords are stowed securely.
  9. Center your boat-If your boat is docked in a marina or private berth, double-up all dock lines and make sure you account for excessive high water.
  10. Do not stay-Never stay on your boat or try to ride out a storm on board.


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