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Detailing Your Boat

There’s nothing better than hitting the water in a beautiful boat. A warm summer day with the sun shining, there’s no better way to spend your time. So, to get your boat looking like the talk of the waterway, here are a few things to do to ensure your boat is always looking its best.

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Where to start


If you google “detailing a boat” there are a million pages that come up, and even more products. But it all starts with washing the boat off with clean water. Spraying it down with water is a great start to the detailing process, and it will remove a lot of the initial debris.

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It’s time to clean


The spraying off is the easy part, but cleaning up some of the gunk that has built up is going to take a bit of elbow grease. After the initial spraying off, it’s time to use some cleaning products to get the real dirt off. The right cleaning product will depend on the type of boat you are cleaning and the areas that need to be addressed. There are specific products for fiberglass and aluminum as well as a general boat cleaner. After your boat is cleaned, you’ll want to get your boat glistening. Making the hull shine is only a result of properly applied boat wax. And with a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to do it efficiently. Whether you opt for an electric buffer or just apply the wax by hand, be sure you keep it moving and don’t stay in one spot for too long. The goal is to get an even coat that will not only allow the boat to look amazing, but it will also help to preserve its condition.

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Don’t forget the deck


You can’t just pay special attention to the hull of your boat, you have to remember to care or the deck, as well. Depending on the type of boat you own, that might mean caring for the teak decking, or possibly cleaning the carpet. With teak, it’s important to apply teak oil periodically to protect the wood. If you have to clean the carpet, vacuum the carpet first and then treat with soapy water solution or a special carpet cleaner.


Saltwater boats need more TLC


If your boat is mostly exposed to saltwater, you will need to pay special attention to your boat. Saltwater can affect the exterior of your boat, causing unwanted damage. After using your boat in saltwater, do your best to wash down the boat with fresh water. It only takes a few minutes but will ensure that you are washing away any lingering salt waiting to do harm.


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