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Fishing around Charleston

fishing in Charleston

We all know that Charleston is a destination for so many things such as food, architecture, history and just the overall sights. But did you know that it’s also a fishing destination for sportsman? Here at BoatLIFE we are very knowledgable in all things boat related here in our beautiful city. Come along and learn about the different types of fish you can expect to find while fishing in Charleston.


Most people think trout and think mountains. Who doesn’t love a good rainbow trout with some butter and lemon? But these are Spotted Seatrout. They range in size from 14” and 1.5 lbs. Although they can be caught year-round, they are most abundant in September through July. You can find them inshore as they like shallow bays, estuaries and rivers.


Flounder are bottom feeders. They prefer sandy bottoms around pilings, jetties, oyster bars and in high current areas. They average in size between 16-20” and are 2-3 lbs. In the Spring, Summer and Fall they mostly inshore. In the winter months, they swim to deep estuaries. Want a different adventure? Find someone who can take you flounder gigging at night!

Red Drum

Also known as Redfish or Channel Bass, these fish range in size from 12-24” and 2-5 lbs. The big ones can get to a whopping 94 lbs! They are most abundant in shallow coastal water and inshore year-round. They can tolerate both salt water as well as freshwater and prefer sand and mud bottoms.


This fish is one that is gaining popularity on menus across the Southeast because of it’s similar flavor to a shellfish. Their average size is 14” and they get to about 3 lbs. In the Spring, Summer and Fall months they tend to hang around hard structures inshore. In the cooler, winter months, they migrate to nearshore and offshore.


No one ever likes to think of these being in the water where you are, but the truth is, you will find sharks everywhere along the coast. In the Spring, Summer and Fall months, they are abundant in our waters. We have several species lurking in our inshore estuaries, habitats and just swimming along the shore. We have Atlantic Sharpnose, Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, Black Tips, Spinners and Bonnethead. Recently, a newly discovered species of shark was discovered off our coast-Carolina Hammerhead.

In the shallow waters around Charleston, you can also fish for baitfish, crab and shrimp. There are a number of charters including inshore, nearshore and offshore depending on what you are looking for! The options are endless when you are fishing in Charleston!

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