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Dedicated Boat Cleaning & Maintenance Products: Six Reasons to Buy


You can buy just about any cheap cleaning or maintenance
product out there and apply them to your boat. But that doesn’t mean you should.
After all, there are many good reasons boat owners seek out the high-quality
products they know will benefit their boat in the long run. If you’re still on
the fence about dedicated boat products, you’ll benefit from this simple guide
to better boat maintenance.

1. Support American Companies

Inexpensive product manufacturers in countries like China
and Taiwan are all over our stores. And there’s nothing wrong with buying them,
if that’s what you want.

But for many boat owners, nothing but American-made will do.
You have an American-made boat, use it in American waters, and catch American
fish. Many owners like to be sure that the products they buy will support
American companies. At BoatLIFE, all of our products are made right here in the
United States.

2. Guaranteed

Turn to any generic cleaner or maintenance product online and
you might save a buck or two. But you may also run a risk that the product
won’t work as advertised. If it doesn’t work as expected, chances are you’ll
end up having wasted all the time and money you put into the cheap product.

All BoatLIFE cleaning and maintenance products come with a
full satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that your investment will be well worth
it—or your money back.

3. Treat the
Environment Fairly

boatlife-boatinglabapproved.pngResponsible boat owners know that there are all sorts of
rules and regulations when it comes to the chemicals you put in the water. Anyone
concerned about their impact on their local environment will be just as

A general cleaner has no guarantee of friendliness to the
environment. Use BoatLIFE Boat
, however, and you can be sure you’re using a biodegradable formula
for guilt-free cleaning.

4. Use the Right
Products on the Right Materials

boatlife-lifewax.pngBuy any old wax for your boat and there’s no guarantee that
it will get the job done right. Boats need products like Life Wax for better UV
protection and the ability to stick to fiberglass for years on end.

5. Cure Underwater

works for up to three years when used with PolyShine. Buy generic wax
and there’s no guarantee the coat will last you even a year.

It’s one thing to have a great sealing product. It’s another
thing entirely to have a great sealing product that will work in the dynamic
environment of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Any generic caulk might work, but can
it cure underwater for emergency repairs like Life-Calk? Don’t take
the risk.

6. Handle all of a
Boat’s Materials

A bottle of Release
can help remove adhesives from fiberglass, wood, metal, and glass—plus, it can
get rid of residue on carpets, painted surfaces, plastic, and even vinyl. It’s
perfect for all of the different materials you’ll find on a boat, because it
handles just about anything an adhesive on a boat can throw at you.

All of these reasons have one thing in common: making your
life easier as a boat owner. Do yourself a favor and buy the right cleaning and
sealing products from the get-go.

All products proudly made in the usa