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Boat Cleaning Products: How to Read a Label

When you’re a new boat owner, it’s tough to admit just how confusing things are. And why not? You want to head out on the water; you don’t want to spend your time reading manuals, labels, and instructions.But there’s more to owning a boat than simply heading out on the water and enjoying a peaceful day—you’ve also got [...]

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BoatLife Release®: Now BoatingLAB Approved

Just how easy is it to release sealants—both cured and uncured—when you work with one of BoatLife’s flagship products, Release®? BoatingLAB—the review service from Boating, the world’s largest boating magazine—recently decided to put Release up to their tests. The results? You can see for yourself:Here’s how Release made it through BoatingLAB’s unique tests and came out on top:The Problem that Release Sets [...]

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Where to Buy the Best Possible Products for Your Boat

There are a lot of boating products out there, but once you’ve decided to live the BoatLIFE, there’s no going back to the other guys. The problem? You’re not sure where to buy your first boat product from BoatLIFE. Should you go online, and if so, how can you save on shipping charges? Can you find BoatLIFE products in [...]

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Three Vital Solvents and Removers Your Boat Needs

As any experienced boat owner will tell you, cleaning your boat is one thing—removing sealants is quite another. But if you have the right solvents and removers handy, removing cured adhesives and sealants doesn’t have to be such a chore. Here are the essential solvents and removers your boat needs to stay clean and sleek—and you need in order to [...]

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Five Essentials to Look for in Your Boat Caulks and Sealants

Boat caulks and sealants are like the lifeblood of the boating world: with them, you’re free to sail and enjoy your boat. Without them, well, you’re stuck.BoatLife Caulks and Sealants hold up well to what we call the five essentials: the characteristics of every bond and sealant you’ll need to feel comfortable and confident in the fact that your boat [...]

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How to Protect Your Boat Graphics from Sun Damage

When you go outdoors during the summer, you put on sunscreen to prevent sun damage. Simple enough. So how come you don’t apply the same logic to your boat graphics?The truth is, boat graphics are every bit as susceptible to sun damage—which means if you want to protect your investment, you’re going to need a little bit of know-how [...]

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Boat Cleaners: Don't Forget These Essential Products

Soap, shampoo, water. Toothbrush and floss. Dishwasher soap in the dishwasher, and repeat. For most of our lives, cleaning is easy and simple. You have one or two products you use regularly and then you call it a day.But it’s different with boats. A boat is more than just a single piece of equipment; it’s a complicated machine with [...]

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Waxing Boat Graphics: What Every Owner Needs to Know

When you first get your boat, you’re an avid waxer. You want your boat’s sheen to stay bright at all times, taking care to properly rinse, clean, and buff your boat hull. You have no problem going down on that hull, making sure that all of the debris is washed off, all of the stains are carried away, and [...]

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Boat Waxing: A Simple Guide for First-Timers

If you’ve never dedicated an afternoon to boat waxing before, then you might have plenty of enthusiasm for your boat, but little know-how. That’s where we come in. Here is a thorough overview to waxing your new boat…especially if you’re just doing it now for the first time:Perform a Thorough Cleaning Before WaxingBefore you wax your boat, you want [...]

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4 Reasons To Have an Emergency Repair Kit in Your Boat

You’re a responsible boat owner. We don’t have to tell you that it’s important to be prepared for any and all emergencies. That’s never more apparent than when you’re out on a boat in the middle of the water and you need to ensure the safety of everyone on board.But there might be a few considerations for emergency [...]

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