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​How to Restore Boat Gelcoat

No matter how much you clean your boat, you might notice over time that your boat exterior tends to lose its luster. This isn’t because you’re doing anything wrong as a boat owner. Most likely, it’s that your boat’s gelcoat is simply succumbing to the rigors of boating. So what’s the best way to restore boat gelcoat? Let’s learn [...]

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​4 Boat Cleaning Accessories to Make Your Life Easy

You know all about the important boat cleaners from BoatLIFE that make your life easy. But truth be told, if you want to unlock true ease, you’ll want the right boat cleaning accessories pulling their weight. Fortunately, BoatLIFE offers a range of boating accessories for cleaning and maintaining a fresh, quality boat. Paired with our quality sealants and cleaners, you’ll be [...]

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​The Best Way to Clean Your Boat’s Stainless Steel

The most common—and incorrect—assumption about stainless steel is that it’s hands-off. In spite of it's name, however, this metal is prone to stains and other problems if you don’t clean it effectively. But that doesn’t mean you’ll need to slave away to keep it protected—not if you know the best way to clean stainless steel, that is.Three Tips for Cleaning [...]

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​Best Boat Wax for Fiberglass Boats

Anyone who’s ever owned a boat or even a car knows how important wax is. A good wax doesn’t just create a seal. It keeps out debris, prevents UV fading, and prolongs the life and luster of what it protects. Wax is especially important for anyone dealing with a lot of fiberglass in their boats. No wonder you’ve come [...]

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​How to Clean Boat Fiberglass: Avoid These Mistakes

When it comes to your boat looking its best, there’s nothing more important than the quality of your boat’s fiberglass. If you’re wondering how to clean boat fiberglass, be sure you avoid the following mistakes. This simple guide will help you enjoy a boat hull that looks “like new” for years to come. Mistake #1: Forgetting the Rinse Don’t make the mistake [...]

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​Simple Guide to Cleaning Aluminum Boats

Too many boat owners see aluminum as just another material on their boat. They wash it with soap, dry it off, and call it a day. But if you want to maximize the life of your aluminum boat—and keep your aluminum’s trademark shine—just use this simple guide to cleaning aluminum boats.Aluminum Boats Can Get Too Hot to CleanIf you’re [...]

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​Boat Repair Guide: 3 Commonly Ignored Boat Issues

All boat owners want to take good care of their boat. Unfortunately, however, not all boat owners know that their boat has a problem that needs to be dealt with. In this boat repair guide, we’ll take a look at some of the more commonly ignored boat problems and ways to fix them.Boat Repair Guide: Boat Wood RotIf you [...]

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​Boat Interior Cleaning Products To Make the Job Easy

You know how to clean the interior of your car. You have no problems cleaning a kitchen or a living room. So why is it so tricky to find the best ways to clean your boat interior without doing more harm than good?Ultimately, cleaning your boat interior (without pulling your hair out in the process) is about two [...]

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​Boat Waxes and Polishes: Find the Right Products

If you’re a new boat owner, there’s a lot of information out there about boat cleaning and maintenance. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there as well. How do you sort it all out?When it comes to your investment in boat waxes and boat polishes, you only need a select few products to keep your new boat [...]

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​Boat Repairs: Four Signs You Should Try It Yourself First

The bad news: your boat needs some fixing. The good news: you might be able to repair it yourself.But how do you know when your boat repairs should be done by you or when you should turn to a boating expert instead? Here are a few of the signs that a boat repair is easy enough for you [...]

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