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Even tiny cracks can become a serious problem on a boat. Turn to Liquid Life-Calk Sealant to repair those small hairline cracks that creep up over time. You may already be familiar with the great job that our standard Life-Calk Sealant does to patch seams and cracks on your boat—and this liquid version will provide the same level of adhesion. Don’t let water creep in and cause damage to your boat. Order Liquid Life-Calk Sealant from BoatLIFE for your next sealant project.

Why Choose Liquid Life-Calk?

This product is ideal for treating fine cracks and seams. A few reasons that sets Liquid Life-Calk apart from other sealants on the market are:

  • Long-lasting and permanently flexible
  • For use above and below the waterline
  • Can be sanded and painted
  • Tack-free in 1 to 3 days
  • Resistant to teak oils, gasoline, and diesel fuel
  • Bonds to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, and itself
  • Excellent waterproofing and adhesion qualities
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
Achieve a Perfect Finish

It takes a bit of experience to learn how to apply caulking just right on your boat. If you have struggled to achieve the right finish when applying sealant in the past—especially when attempting to seal fine cracks—using a liquid caulk may help with that problem. Simply apply the liquid to the area that needs to be treated, remove excess sealant around the cracks and let it cure.

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When you order from BoatLIFE, you can rest easy knowing you are getting quality products manufactured in the USA. From Liquid Life-Calk to the rest of our boat cleaning and restoration supplies, you will always get great value when shopping with us. Thanks for considering BoatLIFE!

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