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High Quality Boat Wax, Boat Polish & Compounds

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BoatLIFE simply offers the best boat wax, boat polish and compounds in the boating game. Our Life Wax boat wax is an easy application for all fiberglass and will work on sailboats, power boats, water skies, sailboards, surfboards, and more with no buffing necessary.

We also offer a Life Restorer Wax which deep cleans, waxes and protects your boat in one easy step. It’s pre-softened for easy application and will remove light oxidation. It also can be used on painted surfaces, making it a very convenient product for you and your boat.

Our Poly Shine will tackle even the toughest of boat polishing needs. It’s an easy to use liquid polymer formula and will shine and protect your boat even in harsh conditions. Our boat polish is ideal for chrome, fittings, or stainless steel hardware and is formulated for fiberglass boats. Our Polish can also be applied manually or by machine making it a convenient, easy to use product that will last up to 3 years if used in combination with Life Wax.

Our Fiberglass Rubbing Compound restores fiberglass finish and removes oxidation and stains. It’s a very fine compound formula, which allows us to minimize loss of gel coat surface, which smoothens out the surface and restores fiberglass finish. It will also prepare your boat’s surface for one of BoatLIFE’s great waxing products.

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