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BoatLIFE Offers High Quality Boat Cleaning Products, Boat Wax, Polish, Caulk, and More!

BoatLIFE offers premium, American made boat cleaning products, everything from boat wax, polish, sealants and removers, caulk, and more. If it helps your boat achieve a longer life we offer it.

BoatLIFE products have been manufactured in the USA for over 50 years. We strive to make the best boat products and strongly feel that our quality is far superior to all of our competitors. We manufacture our own product lines right here in the United States and do not cut corners by making our products cheap overseas. We have several dealers all across the States making BoatLIFE one of the most trusted names in the marine supplies industry.

Boat Supplies Online

Several suppliers throughout the United States carry BoatLIFE, but we also conveniently offer all of our quality boat products online. Browse our selection by picking from a category above to see our full inventory of boating supplies. We manufacture nothing but the best boat cleaning supplies, boat wax, caulk, and more.

Our Fiberglass Cleaners & Stain Removers are great for cleaning shore power cords, stainless steel & copper, inflatables, and more. Our Bilge cleaner is even great to clean out your pots after you fry up that giant Grouper you just caught. It will get rid of that cooking oil and grease build-up, making it significantly easier on your dishwasher. Our cleaners are also great tools to clean up excess oil in your driveway that your boat may have left behind.

BoatLIFE also offers an unmatched Teak care system. For beautiful Teak use our Teak Brite care system that will have your teak wood looking new for years. Our cleaners will not harm your boat or deck, which will assure that your Teak will look as beautiful as the day you brought it home. We offer Teak Oiling and Sealant, Brightening and Cleaning.

Our top of the line caulking system, LIFE-CALK, can be used for any caulking occasion. All you have to do is fill in seams and small cracks in your boat, expose it to humidity to speed up curing and you will be good to go in no time.

Last but not least we also offer fabulous boat waxes, dry rot repair systems, bedding hardware, wet wood epoxy, and more. Call us or visit our inventory today and get some BoatLIFE in your life.

BoatLIFE strives to please every customer, we have a great customer support team awaiting your call. Call us today! BoatLIFE, For the Life of Your Boat.®

Life Industries Corporation
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United States of America

toll free: (800) 382-9706
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