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Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Every Wax

It may be the most popular part of taking care of a boat:
rubbing on a coat of wax. Nothing about boat care is as tactile a symbol of
your passion for boating. Sadly, many boat owners don’t take the time to think
about how to wax their boat properly—and in the end, they end up just creating
more work for themselves.

Don’t be like most boat owners. Get the most out of every
wax by setting aside a little time to consider the ways you can “beef up” your
typical waxing efforts:

Avoid This Common
Waxing Mistake

Let’s say that you’ve waxed your boat recently, and want to
know how to keep that coat of wax
fresh and protective as any coat of wax has the right to be. How do you avoid
messing it up?

Perhaps the biggest mistake boat owners make between waxing
is to use the wrong quality of boat-washing soap. Using household detergents
isn’t only a bad idea in general, but they can tend to strip off the layer of
protective wax that you so diligently applied. Browse around to find a boat-specific
that’s designed not to
strip off the protective wax and instead clean the boat while leaving the
protection fully intact.

How Choosing a Proper
Wax Can Improve Your Boat Immeasurably

If you’re about due for a fresh coat of wax (say six months
since the last time you applied the coat of wax), then you have a chance to do
something even better this time around. Capitalize on that opportunity by
finding a boat-specific
. For example, our Graphix Wax product is great for preserving the
custom graphics you’ve had installed on your boat. If a longer lifespan is your
goal, the Life Restorer Wax might be more up your alley.

You’ll find that a proper boat wax will keep your graphics
intact while removing those little scratches that have been so hard to get rid
of. You’ll also be glad to see that these waxes offer a durable sort of
long-term protection, which means that even if you miss a wax or two in the
future, you’ll have a little more leeway in terms of your boat’s exterior

Before the Wax:
Adding an Extra Step to Ensure a Top-Quality Wax

If you want to squeeze even more value of your waxing
experience, we recommend that you use a rubbing
or polish on your fiberglass before the wax proper. This
additional treatment will help remove the oxidation and stains that you don’t want to protect, as well as help
to restore the finish of the fiberglass itself. The result? Your coat of wax
will actually have something beautiful to protect, rather than merely
representing a thin layer of protection between inadequate fiberglass and the

Follow each of these steps and you’re sure to get the most
out of the time and money you spend waxing your boat. Your reward? A more
durable fiberglass protection and a longer-lasting sheen.

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