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Stop Bad Habits! Five Ways Boat Owners Do More Harm Than Good

You love your boat. With how much you talk about hitting the
waves, how much work and money and time you put into your boat, and how
frequently you think about your boat, no one around you could deny that you are
passionate about boating and want to get the most out of your boat as you
possibly can.

The problem? Not every boat owner—even the passionate
type—is as knowledgeable about boat care as they could be. This leads to some
bad habits that end up doing boats more harm than good. If you catch yourself
indulging in any of these bad habits, it’s time to stop and replace them with
some helpful habits:

Bad Habit #1: Failing
to Inspect Before Each Launch

Yes, we know that when you get in your car to drive to work,
you don’t do an inspection: you put on your seatbelt, turn the ignition, and
go. But boats are not cars. Boats live in water, which presents an entirely new
list of challenges that you’ll have to be aware of. If you really care about
the long-term health and quality of your boat, you should inspect it before
each launch, watching for leaks, ensuring that the electrical work looks good,
and ensuring that your drain plugs are in proper order.

Bad Habit #2: Using
Unsafe or Damaging Cleaning Products

When you buy a boat-cleaning product—even when cleaning out
of the water—you want to be absolutely sure that it’s safe. When looking for a
safe cleaning product, be sure to look for labels like “biodegradable” to
ensure that even if there’s any residue on your boat after using the cleaning
product, that it will be safe to use in the water without harming any of the
natural aquatic life.

Bad Habit #3: Failing
to Rinse

Many boat owners clean their boat and leave it to the lakes or
bodies of water to rinse them. This is a terrible habit because it often means
leaving unsafe residue, particularly if you’re not using a biodegradable
product. Because many local regulations will require that you maintain a proper
and clean boat, a bad rinse means that you could face penalties for this bad
habit. Instead, rinse your boat thoroughly when you clean it.

Bad Habit #4: Shoddy,
Improper Teak Care

Taking care of teak is going to be crucial if you’re going
to maintain the quality of your boat upholstery, so it pays to do some research
and buy the proper teak
maintenance supplies
to ensure that your teak remains clean and
well-protected. You can expect to pay a lot of money if your teak rots or dies
out before its time, so be sure to invest a few bucks now so you’re not paying
big money later.

Bad Habit #5:
Cleaning with the Wrong Products

We applaud your cleaning efforts; maintaining a
thoroughly-cleaned boat is one way to extend its life. But if you match a
general cleaner to the wrong product (say, a general cleaner to teak), you run
the risk of doing more harm than good. Instead, take some time beforehand to
ensure that every cleaning product you use is going to be used properly on the
right materials.

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