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Stock Up: Accessories Every Boat Owner Should Have Handy

You already know about the cleaners. The teak kits. The
waxes, polishes, and more.

What about the stuff most experts won’t even bother telling
you about?

If you’re like most boat owners, you care a lot for your
boat—so much so, in fact, that you love to have all of possible accessories
that you’ll ever need handy for those “Just in case” moments. The problem is,
most people don’t actually know where to start looking for these accessories—and
aren’t even sure where to begin looking. That’s why we’ve put together a list
of accessories you’ll want to have handy around your boat for a number of
different purposes:

Empty Cartridges

Long-time boat owners could tell you this, but many new boat
owners would be surprised at how often they find themselves wishing they had an
empty cartridge
handy. These inexpensive cartridges are great for applying caulk and sealants
at a moment’s notice—and without them, you’ll be stuck when it comes to precise
application. If there was ever an irreplaceable tool that goes unnoticed around
your boat, it’s an empty cartridge with a plunger.

The beauty of these empty cartridges (in addition to their
price) is that they make application a cinch. You don’t have to be incredibly
sure-handed to apply caulking with precision when you use one of these; the
precise tip at the end of every cartridge will handle most of that work for you.

Life Scrub-All

Stainless steel wool isn’t just handy; it can be an
essential item when you’re talking about refurbishing teak or wood. Using steel
wool is important to ensure that you clean out the most difficult debris and
that you use an abrasive that actually accomplishes something a level beyond
what a damp cloth can do. This Life
has other uses, of course, including scrubbing clean any
abrasive-friendly surface—though you’ll want to double check which surface
you’re using it on before you go around scrubbing everything down. Sometimes
steel wool does too good of a job

What’s great about this product is that its functions aren’t
restricted to mere boat usage; if you ever find yourself in a pinch when
handling household cleaning, steel wool can do a heck of a lot. But like most
blunt instruments, you’ll want to be sure that your tool matches the
job—otherwise you can end up with a highly scratched and damage surface.

Bondbreaker—50 Yards

Use BondBreaker
if you want a professional-grade way to protect the bottoms of your deck seams
from caulk applications. This product is used by professionals on cruise liners
all around the world—so it can’t hurt to have 50 yards of it gracing your own
boat’s presence, either. It’s great to have when you’re applying caulk and want
to be absolutely sure that your boat is protected and that the job is done
properly—the first time.

Of course, there are even more accessories to check out at
BoatLife if you want to make sure you’re fully stocked on all of the right
boating equipment. You never know when you might need it.

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