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Boat Cleaning Products, Accessories, and More

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BoatLIFE strives to be your one stop shopping boat supply producer. Along with all of our signature boat cleaning products we also offer you several boat accessories to choose from. Everything from hot knife blades, syringes, and bond breaker; if it helps your boat, we’ve got it. We now even offer up to 500 yards of bond breaker tape which will allow you to complete all your construction needs without having to keep taking breaks for more tape. Bond breakers are very affective and often offer a cheaper solution to avoid bonding of sealants on three seam surfaces, thus avoiding seam failure due to structural movement.

Along with these products you can also find our hot knife kits and our Life Scrub-All, which feature a heavy-duty continuous filament of marine stainless steel, which is superior to bronze wool for all your heavy scrubbing. These scrubs are perfect for teak and any other hard wood that you may have.  We also offer a lifetime guarantee that our Life Scrub-All will never corrode, wear out or disintegrate.

Shop all of our accessories and get BoatLIFE, For the Life of Your Boat.®

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