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Saltwater Boat Maintenance Guide

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You might have purchased your boat with the sole goal of taking it out on saltwater. But it’s also important to remember that saltwater is a unique challenge over freshwater, which means that you’ll have to pay attention to your boat’s specific maintenance needs. Use this saltwater boat maintenance guide to learn how to maintain the quality and strength of your boat even in the harsh environment of saltwater.

Flush Your Engine Regularly

After you’ve had your boat out on the saltwater, keeping it clean and making sure that all of the parts are in working order is important. But one of the most imperative steps to take is to ensure that your engine has been flushed of saltwater.

There are a few key steps to do this:

  • Start the engine and allow the water pump to handle the work. Make sure that everyone is clear of the propeller and that there’s no one who can shift the engine into gear.
  • Inspect the water pump’s performance to ensure it has the flow for a proper flush.
  • Wipe the engine down when it’s cool and spray with anti-corrosive
  • Keep an engine-safe cover over the engine after you’re finished with your trip.

The above can be done for most boats, but make sure that you keep your manufacturer’s instructions for flushing the engine and work from those instructions.

Use Safe Cleaning Products

Cleaning products designed for the marine environment can be fundamentally different than what you’re currently using. For many people—especially those who haven’t owned a boat before—using any old cleaning product off the shelf is intuitive. However, you should ensure that the cleaning products you use truly get your boat clean without damaging the environment.

How do you find cleaning products like this? Browse our Boat Cleaners and look for products specifically designed to be environmentally safe. One of the best investments you can make is in our Boat Cleaner product—available in either a quart or a gallon—that uses an environmentally safe and biodegradable formula. When it comes to boat cleaners, simply making the right purchase can help you rest easy.

Keep the Hull Washed

One of the best ways to ensure your boat doesn’t succumb to discoloration or damage via saltwater is to regularly rinse it in freshwater. But this is about more than appearances. Because salt can corrode the metal fasteners that keep your boat together as well as your boat’s gel coat, you’ll want to keep the hull washed and clean for its proper maintenance as well.

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