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What To Look For In A Quality Boat Wax


Cleaning, rinsing, drying, buffing—waxing your boat isn’t
always the most appealing idea for a weekend afternoon. It sounds more like a
chore. That’s why you need to make sure that your waxing efforts aren’t in
vain. You need a high quality boat wax that provides long-term protection. But
how do you know if your boat wax is living up to that standard? Here are the
qualities you should look for in a high-grade boat wax.


Waxing your boat is not an easy task. If you have a lot of
hull to work with, you might even need to consider a power buffer to make quick
work of it. That means taking your boat out of the water, cleaning it and
drying it—and that’s all before you start the waxing itself.

That’s why one of the most integral qualities of good boat
wax is its durability. Will it be worth your while? Will it last long enough to
protect your boat for seasons—even years? To give you an idea of what you
should expect, keep in mind that LifeWax,
when used in conjunction with PolyShine,
can last up to three years. This gives you both durability and peace of mind as you use your boat.

UV Protection

You might think of wax as a way of protecting the “skin” of
your boat. Like your own skin, the sun can damage your boat hull. UV rays can
get into the hull of a boat and cause a variety of problems—the most noticeable
of which is discoloration. The effect is unsightly and can age a boat well
ahead of its time. That means UV protection is essential.

Be sure to read the label of your wax to be sure you’re
working with something that offers a layer of UV protection when you apply it.
Think of it as sunscreen for your boat.

Paint & Graphics

If you have an all-white boat with minimal custom graphics,
you can use LifeWax without issue. But what if you have custom graphics?

Use a quality boat wax like Graphix Wax that’s
specifically designed to handle and protect custom graphics. By both cleaning
off grime and stains and incorporating high grade components that are targeted
at protecting these graphics, Graphix Wax offers you a layer of protection you
can’t get from other ordinary products.

Easy Application

Remember all that talk earlier about how difficult it can be
to apply a layer of wax? What if the quality of the wax itself meant you didn’t
have to strain so hard? With LifeWax, for example, there is a “No Buffing
Necessary” formula. This cleans and protects your hull without requiring the
hard manual labor typically associated with buffing down a boat.

Combine that with the durability you get when using both
LifeWax and PolyShine, and you’ll have an easy-application wax that lasts for
years. That’s what you should expect from a quality wax: strength that’s
instantly noticeable—and strength that lasts for years.

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