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Jet Ski Hull Scratch Repair Tips

Jet ski hull

A jet ski is more than just a way to enjoy the water. It’s a
lifestyle. And after you’ve made a major investment in that lifestyle,
discovering a scratch in your hull can be a major downer. But there’s good
news: you can repair your jet ski quickly and easily as long as you know the
right steps. Here are some essential jet ski hull scratch repair tips to help
you get started.

A Brief Guide to Jet
Ski Hull Scratches

Before you head over to that jet ski, let’s talk about the
hull itself. Jet ski hulls are typically made out of fiberglass. You may be
familiar with the material after working out kinks in an automobile, RV, and
the like. Fiberglass is a durable and strong material, but as anyone who’s
repaired it before will understand, it does require a bit of finesse when it
comes to buffing out scratches.

It’s also important to understand the gel coat on your hull.
This is that hard layer of resin on the outside of fiberglass that seals the
hull with a finish. Scratch-level repairs sometimes require that you work with
this gel coat and understand why undertaking some repairs—such as sanding—can damage
the gel coat, which requires replacement before moving on.

The Steps to
Repairing a Jet Ski Hull Scratch

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, what are the
best practices for getting a scratch out of your jet ski? We recommend
investing in a gel coat repair kit, in addition to the following:

  • Diagnose
    how deep the problem truly is
    . In hull-changing dings, it’s possible that
    you may need to hire a professional for more labor-intensive repairs.
    Surface-level scratches, however, are within the purview of most jet ski
  • Clean!
    Clean the area of debris. Even if you don’t think your jet ski is particularly
    “dirty”—and it might not look that way—you want to get out the debris from the
    scratch that might be harder to see. The key to giving your jet ski a smooth
    finish is by being thorough with every step. Our
    Boat Cleaner will do the
  • Sand down
    the area
    . This will remove the gel coat, so be aware of what you’re
    doing—and that you’ll need gel coat repair to touch up the area once you’re
    finished. Again, the key here is smooth consistency.
  • Replace
    the gel coat
    according to the instructions of your individual gel coat
    repair kit.
  • Once the
    gel coat has cured to consistency, apply a layer of
    to give the spot
    the protection it needs. This might also be a good time to batch together your jet
    ski “chores” and do a thorough cleaning and re-waxing of the entire Jet ski for
    consistency’s sake.

Stock Up On Jet Ski
Cleaning & Maintenance Products

A jet ski hull should be a pristine thing. But if it gets a
scratch, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Just understand what
you’re dealing with when it comes to your jet ski hull scratch repair and how
to best approach each layer with a patient hand. And don’t forget to invest in
a few
Jet ski-friendly maintenance
along the way!

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