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How To Paint a Boat Deck

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Painting the deck of your boat can bring back much of its original beauty. Plus, a fresh coat of paint can improve the safety of your craft, as old paint can be quite slippery. So, if you’d like to restore the look and safety of your vessel, read on tips from BoatLIFE on how to paint a boat deck.

Prepping for New Paint

The success of your paint job will largely be determined by the quality of your preparation. By spending the time upfront getting your boat ready for new paint, you will be far more likely to get great results in the end. Here’s what you need to do to prepare your boat:

  • Pick the right time and place. Painting a boat deck in the wrong conditions is a recipe for disaster. If possible, it’s ideal to do this job indoors, where you can eliminate weather conditions as a concern. If such a situation isn’t available to you, plan the job for a time of year when dry weather is the norm. Keep an eye on the forecast and adjust your plans to stay away from any possible rain.
  • Remove old paint. It might be appealing to lay down the new paint right on top of the old coat, but you should resist this temptation. You’ll get far better results by stripping away the old paint and starting over. Sanding the deck thoroughly can take away that faded old paint and provide you with a surface that is ready to take a fresh coat properly.
  • Clean the work area. Use Boat Cleaner to ensure the deck is as clean as possible before applying any paint. Vacuum up any dust or small pieces of debris on the deck, and also clean any sticky residue that may be present with Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover. Be sure to let the deck dry thoroughly before the painting process begins. Also, this is a good time to use tape to protect any areas that are not going to be painted.

Create a Plan

It’s easy to paint yourself into a corner on a boat. There is only so much room to move, and the size of the surface is not that big. If you start painting without a plan, you may run out of room and be stuck surrounded by wet paint. Depending on the shape of your boat, it might be best to work in sections rather than trying to tackle the whole job at once. That would make it easier for you to leave one portion dry so you can walk around and reach the other parts safely.

Pick the Proper Paint

Selecting the appropriate paint for your boat is crucial. Some of the leading options include oil-based paint, linear polyurethane, and acrylic paint. If you aren’t sure what will work best for your craft, ask for help at a marine supply store.

As you select your paint, you should consider the need for an anti-slip surface. Some of the paints on the market have anti-slip designed into their formulas. If that is not true for the product you choose, consider using an additive to make sure the finished product has a good feel under your feet.

Be Patient

It’s important that you stay patient throughout this process. The prep and painting of your boat can be lengthy, and so can the time it takes for the paint to dry. If you rush out and use your boat before the paint is fully cured, you’ll do damage to the new paint job and more work will be required.

Use BoatLIFE Products

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