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Four Boat Repair Products That Will Make Your Life Easier


The phrase boat repair may be intimidating, especially if
you’re new to boating. Repairing a car is one thing—you can take it into the
shop. But where do you go when your boat needs light repairs?

The good news is that there are rarely any “new” problems in
boat repair. If your boat is having an issue, chances are someone else has had
that same issue before. That’s given rise to convenient, easy-to-apply boat
repair products that will make your life as a boat owner much easier. Here are
four of our favorites.

Marine Putty

BoatLIFE Fix Repair Putty

The tagline here: applies like putty, cures like steel.
Repairing a leak might sound like a major chore when you have to deal with the
water, but this marine putty will bond easily to a range of boating materials,
including fiberglass, wood, metal, and glass.

The best part? Once it cures, this marine putty can be
sanded, drilled, tapped, and even painted. Even salt water oxidation is no
match for a high-quality boat repair putty. If you don’t have Fix Repair Putty handy, now’s the time to make this small investment in your boat’s future.

Emergency Boat Repair

BoatLIFE Emergency Repair Kit

If you need more than putty in an emergency, then keeping
prepared with the full Emergency Repair Kit is the right idea. This repair kit
is made specifically to temporarily fix boat leaks and other emergencies quickly, creating
a proper and even seal on your boat’s hull. And when it comes to your boat’s
hull, you never want to mess around.

This emergency boat repair kit includes:

  • Polysulfide patch
  • Applicator
  • Life-Calk®
  • Stainless steel scrubber

The end result? Repair damage on the fly to help you get to
safety during an emergency.

Boat Sealant

Of course, you can also purchase the boat sealant itself for
repairs that don’t quite rise to the level of “emergency” but nonetheless call
for your attention. Why Life-Calk®? It cures to a long-lasting and flexible
material that’s resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, and oil. And because it
bonds to fiberglass, wood, metal, and even itself, you’ll be able to get
plenty of use out of this 1-ounce tube—3oz tubes and 10.6oz cartridges available also!Life-Calk® Sealant Tube

Boat Primer

Life-Calk® Primer

If you plan on using Life-Calk®, then one way to get the most
out of your repairs and touch-ups is to ensure the proper adhesion of the boat sealant
to your vessel. You can accomplish this with a proper application of Life-Calk®
Primer, which is a boat primer specifically made for oily woods such as teak.
This will expand the amount of sealing you can do on your boat and promote the
long-term health of your boat repairs.

These four boat repair products alone will help you make
more boat repairs than you ever thought possible. But continue browsing our boat
Caulks and Sealants
to see if there’s an item you need in your inventory. Your boat will thank you
for it.

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