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Boat Cleaning Myths: What You Really Need to Know


Most people understand how to clean, even in the complicated
environment of a boat that’s constantly exposed to water and wildlife. It’s
when people adhere to incorrect myths
about boat cleaning that things go awry.

To that end, we’re attempting a different kind of cleaning.
In this article, we’ll wash away some of the most common myths about boat

“Boats are Supposed
to Smell Funky”

True: using a live well and taking on tremendous amounts of
river and lake water isn’t without its consequences. Boats are made for
adventures, not for constantly smelling fresh. But that doesn’t mean that boats
are supposed to smell bad. If you ever
plan on having guests on your boat—and most boaters do—you need it to smell its

There are two specific areas you’ll want to target to keep
your boat from smelling:

  • Live Well
    / Bait Well:
    Keeping fish and other creatures handy in a bait well obviously
    leads to your boat… well, smelling like fish. Use this Live Well
    and Bait Well Cleaner Quart
    to keep it clean.
  • Bilge:
    Dank moisture that builds up in the bilge might be considered the “basement” of
    your boat. Acquire some Bilge
    to get that “basement” smelling fresh.

In short, keep the well and the bilge fresh and the rest of
your boat will be much easier to maintain.

“It’s All About the
Bilge and Exterior”

Keeping a healthy bilge and exterior is important. But it’s easy to forget about what’s going on inside your boat as well, particularly
on the vinyl and the carpeting. Give your vinyl seat covers and upholstery a
good cleaning every so often with VinyLIFE.
This will freshen your vinyl and protect it from UV rays and fading.

As for the carpets, be sure to spray down with fresh water
every so often, giving dirt and debris time to rise to the surface. Some boat
owners even recommend using a power washer, working from the bow to the stern,
to keep your carpets as clean as possible.

“All Boat Cleaning
Products are the Same”

Anyone who’s ever used two types of cleaner on a carpet
stain indoors know that one is more effective than the other. The same holds up
for boats: not all boat cleaning products are made alike.

Knowing the difference between various boat cleaning
products is just as important as knowing that there is a difference. When selecting your products, look for labels that
offer the following advantages:

  • Biodegradable, environmentally-safe formulas
  • Protectants that offer UV protection, preventing
    sun fading
  • Emulsification (when applicable, including for
    your Test Tank

You work hard to maintain your boat. No boat cleaning myth
should get in between you and a fresh, clean-smelling, healthy boat. Keep these
debunked myths in mind as you select your next Boat Cleaning
and you’re sure to be rewarded with a boat that looks—and
feels—good as new.

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