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How to Clean a Boat Fresh Water Tank


The water in your boat’s fresh water tank won’t always stay fresh. When it sits in the tank with poor circulation, it eventually takes on an unpleasant odor. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean out the tank the right way, every time. Here’s how to clean a boat’s fresh water tank.

Drain the Tank

It’s important to adequately prep for proper drainage. You’ll not only want to have a designated place to drain out the water, but you also should make sure that the place your draining won’t lead to nasty water spilling somewhere you don’t want it. In addition, try to drain your tank somewhere that won’t negatively affect the environment. Then, you can remove the old water to prepare for cleaning. Turn on your water pump, open all of the taps, and let the water drain out.

Clean Out the Tank

The key to cleaning a fresh water tank is to allow the new, clean water to do the work. It will be the carrier of the cleaning detergent, the rinsing agent, and will continue flowing through the tank until there’s nothing but a clean tank and more freshwater left.

The question here is, what kind of cleaning agents should you use? Do you use bleach, or should you go with another product?

Be wary of bleach if you’re concerned about the environment. You also shouldn’t use bleach anywhere that could affect the marine life. If you do decide to use bleach, just be sure you have a proper place to drain it after cleaning.

Instead, add the appropriate cleaner—one designed for this specific purpose and with the environment in mind. You can find a plethora of boat cleaning options here at BoatLIFE for the cleaning of your tank!

Mix in your cleaner and fill the tank with enough water to dilute the cleaner to an appropriate amount. You can then turn off the pumps and the taps to allow this cleaner some time to go to work. Leave it overnight for the best results.

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Drain and Rinse

Drain the tank somewhere safe, repeating the draining process. Then, rinse with fresh water. Smell the water coming out if you’re still unsure; if it has the odor of bleach or cleaner, rinse again.

Keep in mind that even after a thorough cleaning, your fresh water tank will still not be suitable for drinking—after all, the freshwater you keep in there will tend to stay. However, you can use fresh water for other purposes on the boat, including rinsing its surfaces, especially if you’re sure to keep changing it out periodically.

Keep Your Boat Clean!

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