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4 Boat Cleaning Accessories to Make Your Life Easy

You know all about the important
boat cleaners
from BoatLIFE that make your life easy. But truth be told, if you want to
unlock true ease, you’ll want the right boat cleaning accessories pulling their

Fortunately, BoatLIFE offers a range of
boating accessories for
cleaning and maintaining a fresh, quality boat. Paired with our quality
sealants and cleaners, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-sealed boat that’s free
of the problems that too many boat owners struggle with. Here are a few of our
favorite boat cleaning accessories:

Life Scrub All

Cleaning wood and teak with an ordinary scrubber doesn’t
feel like cleaning. It feels like an honest to goodness chore.
Life Scrub All is
heavy-duty, made from stainless steel, and perfectly capable of handling all
the hard work that goes into intensive scrubbing. You can also use it in the
galley for heavier cleaning, where you’ll likely experience just how superior
steel wool is to bronze wool.

Because this comes with a lifetime guarantee not to corrode,
disintegrate, or even wear out, you might consider this scrubber your most
important tool.

Empty Cartridge with Plunger

We know what you’re thinking. “An empty cartridge? What am I
going to do with an empty cartridge that’s so important?” Then your boat
suddenly finds itself in need of extra sealing and you’re all out of luck.

Keeping your boat clean means keeping it sealed off from
leaks. The
Empty Cartridge with Plunger
can be used with Life Calk® Sealants
so you can more precisely apply them onto nooks and crannies. Sealing isn’t
always a large repair job; it often requires a steady hand and finesse in topical
application. With the right cartridge in hand, the application will be easy and
quick, letting you get back to the important work of enjoying your boating.

Holding Tank Treatment – 8 Pack

You’re concerned about the environment, as you should be.
You’re also concerned about the quality of your holding tank. With this 8 pack
Tank Treatment
, you can rest easy knowing you’re using a biodegradable,
non-hazardous option that keeps your tank clean and free without any threat to
the environment.

With each single pack treating an entire 20-gallon tank,
you’ll be amazed at just how much cleaning work you can squeeze out of the
entire set.

Hot Knife Kit

Hot Knife
could be considered an essential part of your boat cleaning
accessories. This tool will allow you to remove deck seam sealants and leave a fresh surface
for new application.

Clean, clear deck seams may not sound important to you, but
for many across the globe, a hot knife kit is one of the best ways to ensure
that you have exactly what you need. With a knife, a set of a dozen blades, and
options for 110v or 220v, a Hot Knife Kit is more than accessory for those who
need clear surfaces after a deck seam is removed.

Browse all of our
boat cleaning accessories to
find everything you need to make your regular maintenance hassle-free.

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