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BoatLIFE’s wood and metal restorers will take down any dry rot or restoration project that you may have. Dry rot is a big problem for many boat owners and a lot of times this problem can get worse because it simply goes unnoticed. Our “Git” Rot system is great for tackling dry rot. It works without having to remove the dry rotted fibers. It will repair dried out and weathered wood with our unique two-part liquid epoxy. For tips on finding dry rot please check out this page for more information.

If rust is more your issue than check out our “Git” Rust products. This metal restorer will remove loose rust and paint flakes from the surface when used with a wire brush. Your surface should be dry and oil free while using this product and be spread evenly over the surface of the brush. Git-Rust will provide a smooth finish and solve all of your rust problems before you start to paint your boat. It works great on engine mounts, bolts parts, manifolds, winches, winch cables, trailer hitches, brakes and hubs. At home, on cars, bikes, lawn mowers, tools, window frames, sheds, wrought iron fences, railings, mufflers, exhausts, steel tanks and more!

To get started with your restoration projects today shop our inventory, your boat will thank you.

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