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How to use Aquapoxy

How to use Aquapoxy

1. Start by drilling

Start by drilling a 1/8” hole through the center of the seam sealant to the depth of the wood deck about 2 feet forward of the wet spot nearest the bow, because the elevation is highest at this point. Drill a second hole through the seal sealant and wood deck at about 2 feet to the rear of the wet spot. Prepare two plugs from a 3/16” dowel slightly tapered at the end. These plugs can also be formed out of a pencil, piece of plastic or other material. Use the enclosed syringe and remove the end cover of the nozzle. Cut 1/8” off the end cover to allow a passage for the material to flow through, then take this cover and force it into the first 1/8” hole that was drilled into the sealant. This will act as a receptacle to hold the syringe in the rubber seam. Be careful not to lose or misplace this end cover. It must be used each time the syringe is filled.

2. Mix BoatLIFE Aquapoxy

Mix BoatLIFE Aquapoxy using 40cc of part “A” and 20cc of part “B”. In a separate cup mix with a tongue depressor or a popsicle stick for one full minute. (Note: 2 parts “A” to 1 part “B”). Insert the syringe into the end cover (which was forced into the rubber seam) and remove the plunger. Pour the mixed Aquapoxy into the syringe. Insert the plunger and pump some of the contents through the rubber sealant and under the wood deck. Water should start coming out of the second hole. Continue to pump the contents of the syringe under the wood deck until signs of epoxy comes out of the second hole. At this point, release pressure on the syringe, remove both the end cover and the syringe, and then plug up both holes with the two plugs. Any material left in the syringe should be used up in another area in a similar way to use up the mixed material. Clean and wash the syringe with soap and water, vinegar and/or acetone so it can be reused.

3.Wait 15 to 20 minutes

After 15 to 20 minutes, remove the first plug to see if the epoxy is set hard enough to leave the plug out. If so, remove the second plug. Leave until fully cured, then fill the holes with BoatLIFE Life-Calk®. If caulking in seam is a silicone based material, use Teak Deck Sealant. After sealant is cured, sand lightly. This process can be repeated until all signs of water under the decks disappear.

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