How to Clean a Sailboat

A sailboat might not need an engine like most boats, but
like any boat, it needs a good cleaning every so often if it’s going to look
its best. Too many boat owners put off cleaning their sailboat because they
think it will be a long, labor-intensive process. But if you gather the right
materials and follow the right steps, cleaning your sailboat shouldn’t be more
complicated than cleaning anything else. To help you get started, here’s a
simple guide on how to clean a sailboat.

Clear Out the
Interior First

Cleaning the outside of your sailboat is going to be a lot
easier if you don’t have to worry about items cluttering up the interior. Take
a large garbage bag and clear out any old or dirty items you won’t need. Treat
it like cleaning a room at home: vacuum the carpet, dust surfaces, wash away
debris, and get rid of any old garbage that doesn’t need to be there.

is great here: you can mix it with some water for cleaning wood
and fiberglass surfaces. As a general cleaner, it will give you
plenty of versatility in handling the boat interior first, helping you to make
quick work of the first step.

Mopping (or
“Swabbing”) the Sailboat Deck

Sailboats generally have prominent decks—and their
prominence means they need to get cleaned as well. You’ll want to know the type
of material you’re working with here, as it will help determine your cleaning
strategy. As a rule, it’s good to have a mop with some soapy water, using Boat
Cleaner once again.

You should use this mop as much as possible while you’re
cleaning—that way, you won’t have to return to it later. That’s where a
powerful general boat cleaner comes in handy, helping clean multiple surfaces
from wood to metal.

Cleaning the Hull of
Your Sailboat

The real trick to cleaning a sailboat? Cleaning the hull.
There are expensive ways to do this, such as having a professional handle it
for you. Other sailboat owners take it on themselves, using a process called
“free diving” to scrape off any growths and clean out the hull while it’s still
in the water.

If you’re going to do this, you need to take several safety
precautions. The first is to ensure that the boat is securely tied to a dock
and that the engine, if any, is locked. Most sailboat owners will recommend
that you use a plastic scraper for cleaning off the boat, as it’s less likely
to damage the paint and the hull itself. A stiff brush for cleaning out debris
on the hull is also vital, since it works equally well under water.

If the process of using a snorkel to dive and clean your
hull is too much, you might consider hiring a diver to handle it for you. This
is more expensive, but they’ll make quicker work of the boat and will have
experience in dealing with sailboats like yours.

Stock Up On Quality
Boat Cleaning Products

When learning how to clean a sailboat, one of the best ways
to get started is to ensure you have the products that will make your life
easy. To make efficient work of all of your boat cleaning chores, browse our
site and find the
boat cleaning products that are right for you. The sooner your sailboat is fresh and clean,
the sooner you can get back on the water to enjoy it.

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